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Operation Nehemiah: News Update #166 

Country/Region: Europe, United Kingdom, France, North America, United States, Spain, Germany, Denmark  

Australia - Sydney siege ends after more than 16 hours of terror for captives;
USA – Conflicts continue over nativity scenes on public property;
USA -Three teens caught trying to join Islamic State;
Germany: Thousands join anti-Islam protests against European spread of ISIS and al-Qaeda;
Germany - Concern about Radicalization of Chechen Diaspora ;
UK – Top Woman Judge says Islamic veil must be removed when giving evidence in court;
Europe – Tackling intolerance in Europe, especially towards Christians;
Spain –arrest of suspected members of Islamic terror network;
French police raid ISIL recruitment network;
Denmark sees 'significant' threat from returning jihadists.

Country/Region: North America, Europe, United Kingdom, United States, Netherlands, Germany, France  

Operation Nehemiah: News Update #165

UK - Mass polygamy in UK Muslim Community;
UK - Cash-strapped Islamic academy charity 'spent £1m of taxpayers' cash building sister school in Pakistan';
UK – Sister urges jihadi in Syria to return to UK;
USA – American Muslims condemn ISIS;
France - French Islamic State Recruits Say They Would Like to Come Home Now, Please;
France – Charity shut down accused of being a front for financing Syrian terrorism;
Netherlands - Dutch court sentences would-be Syrian rebel fighters;
Germany - Germany, with the second largest Muslim population in Europe, grapples with calls for Burqa ban.

Country/Region: Europe, United Kingdom, France, North America, United States, Spain, Austria  

Operation Nehemiah: News Update #164

Austria - Pregnant teen who ran off to join ISIS says she 'made a mistake';
France - Secular country moves to confront jihadism after slow start;
France - ‘double standards’ with Prison for Mosque offence, only fines for similar church affront;
USA - Atheists launch provocative campaign in religious Deep South;
UK - Ex-UKIP leader addresses violence in the Quran in comments over Lee Rigby murder;
Austria – Police raids in operation to crack down on jihadi recruiters;
UK – Stafford MP speaks out for religious freedom;
Spain – Spain considers case of Imran Firasat.

Country/Region: North America, Europe, United Kingdom, United States  

Operation Nehemiah: News Update #163

UK - Six Tower Hamlets independent Muslim schools 'inadequate';
UK – ‘Poppy Day’ plot to behead a member of the public;
UK - Sharia law guidelines abandoned as Law Society apologises;
UK - Refusing the Veil: Cry freedom for the women of Islam;
UK – Crackdown on Hate Preachers in Education Establishments;
Europe - Rejection of Christianity has led to rise of aggressive Islam;
USA - High School Senior Stands Up for “Under God” in Pledge;
USA - UAE and Saudi Arabia list terrorist groups including prominent US organizations.

Country/Region: Europe, United Kingdom, France, Australia, North America, United States  

Operation Nehemiah: News Update #162

Australia – Four ‘simple’ Brothers head to Syria to join Jihad;
UK - The Church of England Chooses Extremist Islam?;
UK - Survey Finds the Bible Is the Book 'Most Valuable to Humanity;
UK - Alleged extremist stripped of citizenship appeals to Supreme Court;
France - Survey Reveals Extent of French Muslim Anti-Semitism;
France - Second French jihadist seen in Islamic State video;
USA - School District Officials Ban the Bible: Child’s Guardians Informed Bible Not Allowed During 'Free Reading Time';
Global lawmakers sign charter for freedom of religion.

Country/Region: North America, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Italy  

Operation Nehemiah: News Update #161

Australia – Supplier loses Emirates contract after dropping Halal accreditation;
UK – Trojan Horse schools scandal reveals further shocks;
UK – Government bows to Christian pressure over religious education;
UK – Vice principal of “Muslim Eton” for girls “sacked for opposing veil rules”;
Italy – Muslim cleric expelled for preaching hatred and violence;
Canada introduces law banning polygamist immigrants.

Country/Region: Europe, United Kingdom, France, Australia  

Operation Nehemiah: News Update #160

UK – Appeal against religious discrimination lost at Court of Appeal
UK – Christians and secularists fear of further restrictions on free speech;
UK - MPs poised to declare gender abortion illegal;
Australia – Fears of Sunni-Shia violence as religious leader shot;
France adopts new anti-jihadist law.

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    • It is reported that Hindu radicals have planned an event to convert 4,000 Christian and 1,000 Muslim families to Hinduism on Christmas Day. Pray for Christians in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India who are facing increasing pressure and violence since the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party gained political power on 26 May. Pray that God will grant strength to His people so that they will remain faithful. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed 6 hours ago

    • Praise the Lord that around 6,500 homeless Christians in Kandhamal District of Orissa State, India, now have proper homes to live in, with help from Barnabas Fund. Their houses had been damaged or destroyed more than six years ago in two bouts of severe anti-Christian violence by Hindu radicals in 2007-8. Some 60,000 Christians were made homeless. Continue to pray for the speedy completion of more houses currently under construction. Pray also that God will continue to heal the victims of this terrible trauma. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Sun, Dec 2014 00:00

    • Continue to remember Pastor Tandin Wangyal, who is serving a prison sentence of almost four years in the small nation of Bhutan, only because he received funds from outside the country to help support his ministry. Ask God to sustain our brother at this time, so that he will draw comfort from God’s grace. Pray that his faith will not fail. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Sat, Dec 2014 00:00

    • Dear Lord Jesus, we pray for freedom for the thousands of Eritrean Christian refugees who have fled from escalating anti-Christian persecution in their home country, and are being detained in prisons in Egypt. You said that You had been sent to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and to set the oppressed free. We especially ask your healing for women and men who have been raped in prison, and for your grace for those who have been kept chained for months, suffering hunger, torture and abuse. Please free these faithful ones, who suffer for Your Name. (Luke 4:18,21) Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Fri, Dec 2014 00:00

    • Praise God for the continued Christian presence in northern Mali, despite the apparent desire of jihadists to wipe it out. Most of the Christians who had fled the region when Islamist radicals took control in 2012 have now returned to their homes, after French troops ousted the Islamists. Many church buildings were desecrated, looted or severely damaged, but the Christians are determined to resume their ministries. Pray for their protection. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Thu, Dec 2014 00:00

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