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Latest emergencies


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Latest emergencies

The most recent appeals sent out from Barnabas Fund

Help restore lives shattered by anti-Christian violence 

Project(s): 00-345     Country/Region: South and East Asia, Middle East and North Africa, Africa, Syria, Pakistan, Nigeria  
Barnabas is supporting these five children who lost both parents in the All Saints bombing

Being a Christian is extremely dangerous in many parts of the world, and those who suffer violence and injustice because of their faith need our help to overcome their ordeal and rebuild their lives.

Every week, Barnabas Fund receives numerous reports of individual Christians, churches and entire Christian communities coming under attack by those opposed to their faith.

Country/Region: Middle East and North Africa, Syria  
Christians from Kessab receive food from Barnabas at a church in Latakia

Christians left homeless by Islamist siege on Syrian town need help

Hundreds of Christian families who were forced to flee their homes in a north-west Syrian town when it was besieged by Islamist rebels are in desperate need...

Project(s): 00-665     Country/Region: South and East Asia, Middle East and North Africa, Africa, Syria, Pakistan, Nigeria, Central Asia  
Pakistan school girl praying

Easter Appeal 2014

This Easter, change the life of a needy Christian child

Country/Region: Pakistan, South and East Asia  
Aasia Bibi has been languishing in jail since June 2009

Barnabas supports Aasia Bibi as appeal stalls; others need legal help

As condemned Christian mother Aasia Bibi’s appeal hearing is deferred for a second time, Barnabas Fund is supporting her family as well as Christian...

Project(s): 00-1032     Country/Region: Middle East and North Africa, Syria  
The war has deprived many Syrian youngsters of a carefree childhood

Protect childhoods in war-ravaged Syria by supporting Christian schools

The brutal civil war in Syria is robbing youngsters of their childhoods, but Barnabas is helping Christian children in Aleppo to maintain a degree of normality...

Project(s): XX-1172     Country/Region: Africa, Central African Republic  
A makeshift refugee camp has been established at Bangui airport

Barnabas helping thousands more Christians displaced by CAR violence

As the conflict in the Central African Republic leaves around half of the population in need of urgent aid, Barnabas Fund is extending its support for Christians displaced by the violence.

Project(s): 48-1171     Country/Region: Middle East and North Africa, South Sudan  
Food aid from Barnabas to displaced Christians in South Sudan

Barnabas giving aid to Christians displaced by fighting in South Sudan

Christians are continuing to suffer amid renewed fighting in South Sudan; Barnabas Fund has been distributing food and other essentials to thousands forced from their homes...

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From Twitter

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  • Tony Blair urges Western intervention to combat a “radicalised and politicised view of Islam” around world 16 hours ago

  • Iranian pastor Farshid Fathi hospitalised after beating by prison guards Wed, Apr 2014 16:20

  • Young Christian man killed by Muslim co-worker in Pakistan for refusing to convert to Islam Tue, Apr 2014 15:22

  • Christians driven out of Maaloula by Islamist rebels long to return after its recapture by the Syrian army Thu, Apr 2014 16:37

Daily prayer

Daily prayer_icon
  • Cry out to the Lord for 33 Christians who have been sentenced to death in North Korea. The believers are thought to have been working alongside Kim Jeong-Wook, a South Korean missionary who was arrested in October 2013. Jeong-Wook has admitted trying to “create a network of house churches in North Korea” and was also said to be carrying Bibles and other Christian literature. His alleged associates are accused of trying to overthrow the government and of receiving a large sum of money for the construction of 500 house churches. Pray that these executions will not be carried out and that international pressure will be brought to bear on North Korea to release Kim Jeong-Wook and to cease its intense anti-Christian persecution. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed 9 hours ago

  • Praise God for the release of John Short, an Australian missionary who was detained in North Korea for distributing Christian leaflets. John, who is 75 and based in Hong Kong, was reported to security officials in Pyongyang after he was spotted leaving a Christian leaflet at a Buddhist temple, an act that is illegal in North Korea. Further Korean-language Christian pamphlets were subsequently found in his hotel room. John, who was released on 3 March after two weeks in custody, was required to sign a confession probably scripted by the authorities. Other foreign missionaries arrested in North Korea have been given long prison sentences. Give thanks to God that John has escaped further punishment, and pray for him as he recovers from his traumatic ordeal. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Thu, Apr 2014 00:00

  • Pray for Barnabas Fund partners in South Sudan who have been supporting Christians forced from their homes by violence. Conflict between supporters of President Salva Kiir and his sacked deputy Riek Machar in December and January displaced around 860,000 people. Churches were burned down and a number of pastors killed, while many people lost their belongings and were left destitute. Give thanks that churches in and around the capital, Juba, were able to provide food and other essentials to many families with help from Barnabas. Pray that they may continue to be salt and light in their country at this unstable time (Matthew 5:13-16), and that it will soon be safe for displaced Christians to return home. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Wed, Apr 2014 00:00

  • Pray for the residents of a mainly Christian village in Borno state, Northern Nigeria, in the aftermath of a horrific attack by Boko Haram militants on 15 February. Ask for God’s comfort for the relatives and friends of the 106 people in Izghe who were gunned down and slaughtered in their houses or in the open as they tried to flee. Pray for strength for the numerous residents who were wounded or whose properties were looted and torched. Pray too for the many Christians who fled into the neighbouring state after the attack, and ask that the Christian community in the North of Nigeria will be preserved in the face of Islamist violence. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Tue, Apr 2014 00:00

  • Violent attacks by militants from the Islamist group Boko Haram continue unabated in Northern Nigeria. On one horrendous day of violence on 26 January, at least 138 people were killed. A church in Wada Chakawa village in Adamawa state was targeted; the attackers locked the congregation inside and then detonated bombs, shooting and cutting the throats of people who tried to escape. They then went on a four-hour rampage in the village. Later the same day, Kawuri village in neighbouring Borno state was burned to the ground. Boko Haram is fighting to establish an Islamic state, and Christians are among its main targets. Pray that the Nigerian authorities will succeed in containing its insurgency. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Mon, Apr 2014 00:00

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