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News & analysis

This is a collection of recent articles and research written by the Barnabas team.

Stand with Mosul’s terrorised, targeted and displaced Christians today 

Country/Region: Middle East and North Africa, Iraq  
Christian properties in Mosul have been marked with the Arabic letter “N” and seized

Mosul’s Christians have been told to “convert to Islam, pay the jizya tax of subjugation or die”. They are being robbed of all they own as they run for their lives. Their properties have been marked and seized; their historic churches lie in ruins.

The plight that has engulfed our brothers and sisters in Mosul since the Iraqi city was overrun by Islamist militants from The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) is a tragedy and an outrage. Will you stand in solidarity with them?

Country/Region: Middle East and North Africa, Africa, Sudan  
Daniel Wani and Meriam Ibrahim on their wedding day in 2011

Meriam Ibrahim and family finally escape Sudan, arrive in Italy

Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese Christian woman who was cleared of apostasy and adultery, has arrived safely in Italy with her family.

Country/Region: Africa, Kenya  
Uganda is around 85% Christian

Christian teenager killed by machete in attack on church in Uganda

An 18-year-old Christian woman was hacked to death and a one-year-old baby injured in a savage attack by Muslims during an overnight prayer meeting at a church in Uganda.

Country/Region: Middle East and North Africa, Africa, Sudan  
Daniel Wani and Meriam Ibrahim on their wedding day in 2011

Meriam Ibrahim faces legal challenges from Muslim family in latest ordeal

Meriam Ibrahim’s ordeal continues as her Muslim family pursues legal action in an effort to stop her from leaving Sudan after she was cleared of apostasy and adultery.

Country/Region: South and East Asia, Turkey, India, Pakistan  
News in Brief

News in Brief: 21 July 2014

Turkey: Congregation threatened by Muslim intruders during baptismal service;
India: Hindu extremists order Christians to leave; ban non-Hindu activity;
Pakistan: Prime suspect in Shahbaz Bhatti murder case released on bail.

Country/Region: Kazakhstan, Central Asia  
A small church building in Kazakhstan

Jail for unregistered religious activity dropped from new Kazakh law

Proposed punishments that could have seen people jailed for leading or taking part in unregistered religious activity have been dropped from Kazakhstan’s new criminal code.

Country/Region: Sri Lanka, South and East Asia  
A group from Ravana Balaya with leader Ittekande Saddhatissa Thera

Buddhists launch anti-Christian campaign amid assaults in Sri Lanka

A hardline Buddhist group in Sri Lanka has launched a four-day campaign against “Christian fundamentalism” in the country as Christians face vicious attacks...

Country/Region: South and East Asia, Africa, Sudan, Bangladesh, Burundi, Iraq, Middle East and North Africa  
News in Brief

News in Brief: 15 July 2014

Iraq: Kidnapped nuns and orphans freed; Christians denied food rations;
Sudan: Ten Christians killed, three churches flattened in government bombings;
Bangladesh: Female church workers attacked in violent robbery;
Burundi: Draft law requires churches to have 500 members and a building.

Country/Region: Africa, Somalia, Kenya  
Kenya’s coastal region has been frequently targeted by al-Shabaab

Deadly attacks on Christian communities in Kenya by al-Shabaab

Christian communities in Kenya’s coastal region were targeted in attacks by al-Shabaab militants that left more than 30 dead. One victim was found with a Bible on his back.

Project(s): 12-954     Country/Region: Middle East and North Africa, Africa, Eritrea, Egypt  
Eritrean mothers and their children in prison in Egypt

Help us relieve worsening conditions for Eritrean Christian prisoners in Egypt

Will you relieve the suffering of imprisoned Eritrean Christians in Egypt? Barnabas Aid is supporting a local prison ministry in Egypt that provides them with basic necessities and pastoral care.

christian, persecution, charity, church, persecuted, sookhdeo, Islam

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    • Taliban militants attempted to attack a Christian-run day-care centre in Kabul, Afghanistan, on 28 March, saying it was “a church used to convert Muslims to Christianity”. The attackers mistakenly targeted the next-door building, which houses workers on an agricultural and de-mining project, instead; two Afghan civilians, one a young girl, died in the crossfi re. All five Taliban bombers were also killed in the raid on the heavily-secured compound. The day-care centre that they were attempting to target, which is used by expatriates, is said to hold Christian worship services on certain days. Ask the Lord to change the hearts of those who plan and carry out terrorist attacks against Christians and other targets in Afghanistan; pray that they will turn instead to Him. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed 2 hours ago

    • “He was always a light for Christ and he had a love and commitment that he expressed for the Afghan people because of that love for Christ.” The widow of Dr Jerry Umanos, an American doctor who was shot dead at the Christian-run hospital where he worked in Kabul, Afghanistan, spoke of her husband’s faith and ministry. Two visiting American Christians, father and son Gary and John Gabel, were also killed on 24 April when an Afghan security guard opened fire on the staff he was meant to be protecting. Pray for comfort for the grieving families of the three men, and ask the Lord to safeguard the future of the hospital, which provides much-needed medical care and also trains Afghan doctors and nurses. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Tue, Jul 2014 00:00

    • “We ask all Christians and members of other faiths to reconsider their own beliefs and join Hinduism.” Krishna Hari Baskota, secretary at the Office of the Prime Minister in Nepal, was speaking about the application process for a new identity card that will show citizens’ religious affiliation. Christians and members of other minorities will be subjected to greater scrutiny before obtaining the official documents and will be asked to reiterate their faith. One Christian rights activist said that the government is trying to discourage people from converting from Hinduism. Pray that the Nepalese authorities will not discriminate against Christians but will treat them on equal terms with the Hindu majority. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Mon, Jul 2014 00:00

    • Lift up to the Lord a group of Christians in Pali village, Jharkhand state, India, who were attacked by Hindu extremists on two consecutive days in an effort to force them to convert to Hinduism. On 4 March, the offenders stormed into the home of Pastor Tilas Bedia, beat the Christians present and threatened to kill them if they continued to follow Christ. The following morning, a mob dragged 15 Christians from their homes, told them to convert back to Hinduism and beat them. The pastor and two others were paraded half-naked to the outskirts of the village. Adding insult to injury, a case of forcible conversion was subsequently registered against the pastor and three other Christians. Pray that the Lord will give them all the strength to stand firm in the face of such opposition. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Sun, Jul 2014 00:00

    • Pray for Christians in the village of Gudrikia, Kandhamal district, who lost their church building in the 2008 anti-Christian riots in Orissa state, India. Earlier this year, they planned to rebuild the church, and on 11 March, they took the stones they had bought to the site to start the work. But they were blocked by a group of Hindu fundamentalists, who threatened them. The previous church building had been burnt down, and the land where it once stood is now used by Hindus for farming. The latest incident highlights the ongoing hostility towards Christians in the area. Pray that the Lord will soften the hearts of Hindu extremists in India, and that they will allow Christians to practise their faith in freedom and peace. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Sat, Jul 2014 00:00

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