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News & analysis

This is a collection of recent articles and research written by the Barnabas team.

Christian governor of Jakarta appointed for first time in 50 years 

Country/Region: Indonesia, South and East Asia  
Basuki Tjahaja Purnama officially appointed governor of Jakarta at state palace

The inauguration of Basuki Tjahaja Purnama as governor of Jakarta on Wednesday (19 November) marks a watershed in Indonesian politics. He is the first Christian to take the post in 50 years and the first ethnic Chinese to govern Indonesia’s capital city. Speaking at his inauguration ceremony, Mr Purnama said, “I…promise to give my best possible service to the people of Jakarta and to the nation for I know the Lord will help me to do so.”

Country/Region: India, South and East Asia  
Official census figures state that Christians make up 2.3% of India’s population

Christians attacked by radical Hindu group and arrested in Madhya Pradesh, India

On 4 November, a group of eight Christians who were meeting in a church in the village of Kotla in Madhya Pradesh, India were attacked by Hindu radical Bajrang Dal activists.

Country/Region: South and East Asia, Nepal  
Nepali Christians meet to worship

Nepal Human Rights Commission promises to defend religious freedom

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) in Nepal is set to promote freedom of conscience and the protection of religious minorities to the country’s Prime Minister and President.

Country/Region: Iran, Middle East and North Africa  
Homayoun Shokouhi has been granted conditional release

Iranian Christian granted conditional release from prison

Following an appeal from his family, Iranian Christian Homayoun Shokouhi was granted conditional release from prison on 10 November after serving two years and eight months of his sentence.

Country/Region: South and East Asia, Lao, People's Democratic Republic  
Hmong Christians from the six families evicted from their village

Lao Hmong Christian families evicted after converting to Christianity

Six Hmong Christian families were forced to leave their village after converting to Christianity. Local authorities ordered them to renounce their faith but they refused...

Project(s): 20-1200     Country/Region: Middle East and North Africa, Iraq, Syria  
The leader of IS, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi

Editorial: “The Islamic State will remain”: I.S.’s tightening grip and its threat to the future of Christian communities

The Islamist group Islamic State (IS) has been asserting its control over territories it occupies in Iraq and Syria, in a series of developments that will be devastating to Christians...

Country/Region: Indonesia, South and East Asia  
Mr Joko Widodo was inaugurated President of Indonesia on 20 October 2014

New Indonesian government set to extend religious freedom to all citizens

Indonesia’s new government plans to restore religious freedom to all minorities, as per the country’s 1945 Constitution.

Country/Region: South and East Asia, Philippines  
Islamic militants have been fighting for an independent Islamic state for decades

Islamic rebels form a political party in the Philippines

The Philippines’ largest Islamist rebel group, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), has announced that it will be forming a political party called the United Bangsamoro Justice Party (UBJ).

Country/Region: Pakistan, South and East Asia, United Kingdom, Europe  
Suffering of persecuted Christians discussed in Houses of Parliament

Prince Charles advocates for persecuted Christians to House of Lords, British MPs sign letter pleading for Aasia Bibi

In a video broadcast to the House of Lords on 4 November, the UK’s Prince Charles has voiced his concern about the suffering of Christians in the Middle East.

Country/Region: Africa, Nigeria  
The homes of Christians are often burned in attacks in north-eastern Nigeria

47 youngsters killed at Christian school in Nigeria, while Christians in Mubi forced to flee after Boko Haram renames it “City of Islam”

A suicide bomb attack in a Christian secondary school in the town of Potiskum in Yobe state, north-eastern Nigeria, has killed at least 47 people on Monday (10 November)...

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    Daily prayer

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    • An Uzbek Christian who had converted from Islam died earlier this year and was buried. The local Muslim leaders banned any Muslim from attending the man’s funeral. But one of his work colleagues, a radical Muslim who had been struck by the Christian’s words and way of life, attended the funeral anyway, ignoring all the threats and warnings. She was puzzled by such a hostile reaction to a man she knew to be “God-fearing”. At the funeral she heard the Gospel and decided to give her life to Christ. Pray for “F.” as she is now being disciple and growing in her new faith, that she will be strong in the face of opposition from the Muslim community. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed 2 hours ago

    • Pray for hundreds of Christian, Yazidi and Turkmen women held in Badush Prison in Mosul, Iraq by ISIS militants. The women are reported to be raped daily unless they agree to convert to ISIS’s brand of Sunni Islam. The UN estimates that there have been roughly 1,500 Iraqi women and children from the Christian and Yazidi communities abducted by ISIS and then forced into sexual slavery. Ask our Heavenly Father to have mercy on each one of these women and children and to deliver them from evil. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Thu, Nov 2014 00:00

    • Give thanks to the Lord that, through the generosity of Barnabas Aid supporters, over 30,000 displaced Christians in northern Iraq are being assisted through four local partner organisations on the ground. By funding the distribution of food, blankets, hygiene items and other basic needs, Barnabas has enabled them to survive their first months of displacement. But their needs will be greater now, as the Iraqi winter has set in. Pray that God will provide. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Wed, Nov 2014 00:00

    • Cry out to the Lord for the estimated 200,000 Iraqi Christians and other minorities who have been displaced from their homes due to attacks by the Islamist militant group ISIS (also known as the Islamic State). Pray for all the displaced people, who have mostly lost everything they possessed. ISIS wants to eliminate Christianity in the territory it controls. Please pray for the Christians still living under its brutal rule. Ask God to protect them and give them courage and a hope for their future. Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Tue, Nov 2014 00:00

    • Heavenly Father, we pray for Iranian church pastors currently in prison because of serving You. We lift to You Pastor Behnam, in solitary confinement, afflicted by serious health problems, and facing at least 18 charges and a possible death sentence. We lift to You Pastor Matthias, accused of the crime of “spreading corruption on the earth”, which carries a death sentence. We lift to you Pastor Saeed Abedini from America who has received death threats from ISIS militants held in the same prison. We lift to You Pastor Farshid, held in the same prison as Pastor Saeed. We pray for their congregations left leaderless and desolate. Please be for each one their refuge and strength, a very present help in time of trouble (Psalm 46:1). Subscribe to the prayer points rss feed Mon, Nov 2014 00:00

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