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Operation Nehemiah: News Update #184

Operation Nehemiah: News Update #184

12 May 2015

UK – UK Army rejects recruits fearing links to terrorist groups

A report revealed that in the past two years, the British Army has rejected 188 recruits after they failed the security checks put in place for recruits with links to countries in the Middle East, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Bangladesh.

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USA – US government reverses decision to deny visa to Iraqi Christian leader

An Iraqi Christian nun who has fled Islamic State persecution was due to visit the US to speak about persecution against Christians in the Middle East. Her visa, however, was not granted, despite the fact that religious leaders from other religions were all provided visas; Sister Diana’s was the only Christian visa application. After international outcry followed the decision, it was reversed.

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UK – Morrisons is first UK supermarket chain to offer halal pick and mix sweets

Halal pick and mix sweets are being trialled at ten Morrisons stores across England. These sweets are free of non-halal animal products or alcohol-based products and colourings. If found to be popular, the supermarket chain may extend the option to more outlets.

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