The Book of Revelation, chapter 12, describes the spiritual battle waged between Michael and his angelic army and Satan and his dark forces. In prophetic terms the Scriptures tell how Satan, thwarted, vents His fury on the Church, seeking to destroy, deceive or render spiritually ineffective the followers of Christ.

We see Satan at work today in the suffering being endured by Christians in the Middle East; in the bitter persecution being meted out to Christians in many other parts of the world; and in the strident calls from secular humanists and others in the West for Christianity to be relegated to the status of a mere lifestyle choice.

We know that Jesus has already won His victory over Satan, sin and death through the cross and His resurrection. We, His followers, will join in His victory, not by taking up arms against those who seek to harm us but through our faithfulness, our witness and by being prepared to give up our lives for Jesus’ sake.


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Daily Devotional Resource

The War on the Saints daily devotional resource has been specially designed for SCAW. It includes daily readings and prayers from Revelation 12:7-12 based on the theme for the week, “War on the Saints”. For each of the eight days you will find a reading, a comment and a suggested prayer.
The pull-out is included in the September/October 2016 issue of Barnabas Aid magazine.

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Barnabas Aid International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Saturday, November 5th

Can you join with us in praying for our suffering brothers and sisters, asking the Lord to strengthen them and help them to be faithful to Him in the face of persecution?

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You can use our resources for your own prayer on the day, or maybe your church could set up a special event. 

Event map

The online map is not available this year, however we would like to hear about any events you are holding to pray or raise funds. We may (with your permission) publish what you did in our inTouch piece in our magazine.

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