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As Christians face heightened discrimination and persecution around the world, they are greatly encouraged by your prayers and support through Barnabas Fund.

The Barnabas Fund financial review shows what your support achieved in the last year and how your gifts have been used.

In the last year* we made 490 payments to 384 projects in 66 countries

Overheads are only 12% of all income

We send 88% of your donation to our general fund to bless our brothers and sisters living under pressure and persecution for their faith


Barnabas Fund is a charity providing practical aid for persecuted Christians. We operate in the same way that Barnabas and the apostle Paul did when they took gifts from the church in Antioch to the church in Judea at a time of famine (Acts 11:27-30). Barnabas Fund does this by channelling money from Christians through Christians to Christians (local churches or Christian organisations already established in the places of pressure, harassment and persecution).

For every £1 we receive in donations, we send more than 88p to be used for our charitable work globally. Charitable work refers to the projects developed by the local persecuted Christians we are supporting, which means that more than 88p of every £1 directly helps the beneficiaries. This does not include our work in Western countries to raise awareness, encourage prayer and provide advocacy for persecuted Christians; all of these activities, as well as our general administration costs, are included in our 12% global overhead costs.

If you allocate your donation to Barnabas Fund to a specific need or project, 100% of your donation will be used for that project and its costs. Nothing will be deducted from your donation for Barnabas Fund’s overheads. The costs of overheads are taken from donations to our general fund.


What did your gifts achieve in the last year?*

Feeding programmes assisted 80,681 individuals in 10 countries

Education of 12,380 Christian Children supported in 101 schools in 11 countries

Leadership training supported for 9,481 individuals in 23 countries


480 full-time Christian workers supported in 19 countries

547 individuals helped with small business livelihood projects in 8 countries

Victims of violence: 14,792 individuals assisted in 14 countries


973 converts helped in 10 countries

Water projects: 10 wells and 1 drinking water cooler in four countries

Christian literature: total of 212,067 items, including 26,706 Bibles and Scriptures, in 13 countries


Supported 203,516 disaster victims in 6 countries

31 Church building projects in 12 countries

6 medical projects to help thousands of people in 5 countries



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*March 2017 – February 2018