Barnabas Fund rescues 693 Christians from danger but many more to follow: your help is needed

Iraq, Syria

10/05/2016 14:25

“We had been praying to God day and night until the big miracle happened and Barnabas Aid offered the crucial help, they … gave us the opportunity to get to Australia and have a good start and a safe life far from rockets, bombs and fears.”   - Elie, September 2016

Elie, his wife and two children fled Syria in November 2014.  After 18 months in Lebanon, they were able to fly to Australia, their airfares paid by Barnabas Aid’s Operation Safe Havens.

We have helped Elie's family and many other Syrian and Iraqi Christians like them to escape the peril in their home countries to establish new lives in five secure and safe countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, the Czech Republic and Poland. Thank you for your generous donations which have made these rescues possible. 

Operation Safe Havens continues to rescue Christians from danger

Through Operation Safe Havens, Barnabas Aid has already rescued 693 believers who have made the agonising decision to leave their homeland for countries where they can live and worship in peace and safety.

Many more are wanting to make the trip in the coming months. Governments are willing to provide visas and local churches are willing to help Christians settle in – but most of the families do not have the financial resources needed to make the journey to peace and security or to support themselves once there.

Iraqi Christian children being greeted by their new friends in the Czech Republic on arrival in Prague
Iraqi Christian children being greeted by their new friends in the Czech Republic on arrival in Prague

One Christian had marvelled at the answer to their prayer when they heard that Barnabas Aid would provide the family’s airfares to Australia. He said, “Where are we going to find help? – it’s very expensive – you were sent from heaven!”

Mario, from Aleppo, was just as amazed, saying “When someone told me an organisation helps refugees to get travel assistance, I told them this cannot be true. Now I know this is true, I see it this is a miracle.”   

The situation for Christians in the Middle East remains dire. Christians continue to flee from threats and intimidation, kidnap, violence, murder and pressure to convert to Islam. Many displaced Christians have had their homes and all their property seized by Islamic State so have nothing to return to. 

There are many more families like Elie’s, desperate to start a new life. Please continue to help make this a reality for them. 

Can you, your home group or church contribute to airfares to rescue more Christians?

Right now there is an open door to get Syrian and Iraqi Christians to Australia. Visas have been granted. The airfare averages around £500 (€580) per person. Please help.


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