FAMINE IN AFRICA: Unfolding Tragedy in Zimbabwe and Ethiopia

Ethiopia, Zimbabwe

01/09/2016 16:30

Save Christian Lives through Project Joseph


Feeding the vulnerable

Ethiopia - the worst famine for 50 years

Two failed rainy seasons followed by catastrophic flooding have destroyed crops in large parts of Ethiopia. Like Joseph, the Ethiopian government had stored grain during the good years, but it is not enough.

  • Up to ten million people are in danger of starvation.
  • Crops have failed almost entirely, millions of cattle and other livestock have perished.
  • This is in the context of growing persecution. Over 2,000 church buildings were burnt or demolished, and over 5,000 Christians wounded or killed by Islamic extremists in the last eight years.


Zimbabwe – the worst drought in living memory

The drought has devastated Zimbabwe. Four-fifths of Zimbabweans live on the food they grow themselves. Many have suffered complete crop failure, leaving them destitute and starving.

  • Over four million people are in critical danger of starvation. 
  • Many families are reduced to one meal a day, sometimes less.
  • Children cannot go to school as they are too weak with hunger. 
  • Unable to get jobs, hardly anyone has money to buy food.


Barnabas Fund’s track record in Zimbabwe. 

In the food crisis of 2008-9, for nine months Barnabas food aid was the only support being delivered in the entire country. The focus was on the most vulnerable – elderly, disabled, widows and orphans. When conditions improved, our aid reduced - but has never stopped. So we were able to step it up again immediately, when the 2016 crisis hit.  In addition, Barnabas Fund’s support for the Foundations for Farming project has trained Zimbabwean farmers how to farm more productively, even in drought conditions. Altogether, Barnabas Fund has saved hundreds of thousands of lives in ZImbabwe. 

Feeding the hungry

We also enabled Ugandan church leaders to be trained in these farming techniques, which meant tens of thousands of Christians in Uganda have been protected from the devastating climatic impact of El Niño.


You can save a life – will you help in this ongoing crisis?

Barnabas Fund is working through the churches to feed the starving.

 “Pastors keep on phoning and commenting on how much the food has meant to the people in their communities,” reports a ministry partner in Zimbabwe.  “Many have only received a little, yet they are so thankful.”

  • Just $27 can help provide a family with sorghum and oil for a month.
  • Just $18 will help feed a family of five for a month with mealie meal, an African staple made from ground maize.


Ask your church to give a Harvest Offering for Project Joseph

Your gift will feed Christians in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe who have nothing to harvest.


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