Persecuted Christian children in Myanmar (Burma) need food and schooling: will you help?

Burma (Myanmar)

05/17/2017 17:00

“When they got to our house and found my father, they shot him dead right away.” Yuu Na Paw was only eleven when her father was murdered by the Burmese army in one of their many attacks on villages of mainly Christian ethnic minority people. Five times she and her family fled into the jungle, living there until it was safe to go home again. But when their village was taken over by the army, there was no hope of normal life again. So her mother sent Yuu Na Paw to Shekinah children’s home.

All the children at Shekinah have suffered persecution because of their Christian faith. Many of their parents were killed by landmines, which the Burmese army often planted around their villages after an attack, so that they would explode when the displaced villagers tried to return home. 

Although the political situation in Burma (now Myanmar) has changed, the children’s situation is unchanged. Democracy cannot bring back the parents they have lost. They still need help and support.

In addition, ethnic minority Christian children in rural areas are still very vulnerable. They often have no access to education except Buddhist schools, which cut them off from their parents, force them to abandon Christianity and become Buddhists, even Buddhist monks or nuns.

At Shekinah, loving Christian carers bring the children up to love and worship the Lord. Barnabas Aid is helping with food, school fees and school uniforms. 

School uniform for one child costs $5.20.

A month’s food for one child (rice and vegetables, with meat or egg twice a week) costs $16.85.

A year’s school fees for one child costs $51.85.

Will you help us to keep helping them? 

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