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Doubly targeted – the Christian victims of the Myanmar army you have never heard about: please help today

9 March 2018

Orphan Yang is only three, but he has just had his leg amputated. His elder brother was killed in the same attack that cost Yang his leg. His other brother and his grandfather are also injured. Yang’s grandmother is the only member of this poor Chinese farming family who survived unscathed. 


While the world’s media focus on the appalling persecution of the Muslim Rohingya people in Myanmar (Burma), the persecution of the mainly-Christian ethnic groups is seldom reported.  The Myanmar army has been targeting Christians for decades. Why did the media never report the killing and raping of Christians who could not get away when their villages were attacked? Or the way in which those captured were used as human mine-sweepers or worked literally to death carrying heavy loads for the army? 

And it still continues. 

The recent attack, when little Yang lost his leg, targeted a group of villages in Shan state, close to the border with China. Two camps for thousands of displaced Kachin people were also attacked. These people (95% Christians) are living in camps because they have fled repeated aggression from the military in their home areas – but even here they are not safe.

Some of the Kachin people attacked by the Myanmar army. They were already living in camps for displaced people because of earlier military attacks targeted against them in their home area

From danger to danger

“Our house was burned down, our cows were killed, I had to flee and lost everything I owned,” said an 80-year-old widow, describing the second time her village was attacked and her house destroyed by the army. She has been displaced since 2012 and now she has been attacked again. “I still have faith in God, but sometimes it is very difficult to see our people suffering. I am an old lady, but I pray that God will take care of my children, my grand-children and our Kachin people. I pray for their future. Can you please pray for me too?”

“Can you please pray for me too?” asks this 80-year-old Kachin Christian widow. Twice her house has been burnt down and now she lives far away in a displaced people’s camp. But even there the army have attacked

You can help them

Will you help Barnabas Fund feed and clothe these brothers and sisters who have been affected by this violence?

We want to reach at least 2,000 of the Kachin refugees who were targeted in this attack with soya beans, dried fish and noodles. They also need simple sandals for their feet. 

They do not make the news headlines. But they do need your help and your prayers.

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