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Give a hope and a future to Christian children this Easter

16 March 2018

Godwill’s brother was slaughtered before his eyes. Conflict and famine were destroying his homeland, South Sudan. So Godwill and his mother fled to Uganda, seeking safety and food. Now they live in Camp Rhino, and have been fed with aid from Barnabas Fund. A Barnabas visitor gave him a football, and it was the best thing that had happened to him in the whole of his young life.

Godwill is safe from hunger and harm in Camp Rhino, but what of his future?

But what of the future? Godwill dreams of being a pilot when he grows up. But how can he get the qualifications he needs when the overstretched camp schools cannot even teach him the relevant subjects?

Barnabas Fund is building more schools and paying more teacher salaries for South Sudanese refugee children like Godwill.


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

Injured by shrapnel

Five-year-old Ibrahim loved to go with his father to the place where he worked as a carpenter in Qamishli, Syria. One day, at a time of heavy shelling, shrapnel flew into Ibrahim’s face and arms. He needed an urgent operation on his eye. Funds given by Barnabas to the local church covered the cost of the surgery, and his eye was saved. “I really need you to tell the people who are supporting the church in helping many families like us that we owe them with our child’s vision,” said Carmen his mother.

A vision to help others

Zoyea is only seven years old, but is determined she will set her parents free from bonded labour at a brick kiln in Pakistan. Her plan is to study hard at school, become a teacher, and pay off the family debt that keeps them tied to the brick kiln, almost like slaves, earning next to nothing. Barnabas Fund pays all the running costs of Zoyea’s school – the school which gives her a hope and a future.

After school, Zoyea helps her parents make bricks. When she is grown up, she wants to set her parents free from being bonded labourers

Two years ago, Sana’s mother fell sick and died. Sana‘s father is a low-paid labourer and his income on its own was not enough for Sana’s school fees. Sana had to give up school. She was desperately distressed and would not leave the house. A Christian teacher helped to coax Sana out and gave her a place in a Christian school where Barnabas Fund covers her fees and books. Sana (now 13) is studying hard and wants to be a nurse.

Motherless Sana attends a Christian school in Pakistan, supported by Barnabas, where she has been nurtured and encouraged through her grief and trauma

Orphaned but loved

Little Muu never knew his mother, who died giving birth to him. His father died when he stepped on a landmine, which happens to many Christians in this South-East Asian country. Muu lives at a loving Christian orphanage, supported by Barnabas Fund.

Muu plays with a friend. Both live at an orphanage supported by Barnabas

Hope and ai​d for thousands of young believers

Barnabas Fund helps thousands of Christian child refugees in Africa and the Middle East.

We also feed thousands of young believers growing up in grinding poverty due to anti-Christian discrimination in countries like Egypt and Pakistan.

And we educate thousands of Christian youngsters, enabling them to learn in a loving Christian environment, through schools in Asia and the Arab world. Without these schools, the children would face discrimination, hostility or even violence in the classroom; they might be failed in their exams just because they were Christians, or pressured by their teachers to convert to the majority religion. Some of the poorest would not be able to study at all.

We also support Christian orphanages and hostels, fund Christian children’s literature in various languages, and enable trauma counselling for war-affected children.

Please help brave Christian children this Easter

As Easter approaches, a time when we rejoice in the power and hope of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, let us remember young believers, clinging to Jesus through trauma, violence, persecution, bereavement and many other afflictions and suffering. Through Barnabas Fund you can give them a hope and a future.

Thank you for your regular giving to Barnabas Fund. May I ask you to consider prayerfully whether you could give an extra gift this Easter for Christian children living with poverty, discrimination or persecution?

Above all, please pray for the children who have learned at a tender age what it is to suffer for Christ.



could educate a Christian brick-kiln child in Pakistan for three months


could pay for a month’s food for one person at an orphanage in South-East Asia


could provide a teacher’s salary at a refugee camp in Uganda for one week


could pay for a Syrian child to have a simple surgical operation


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