Renewed fighting in Syria: please help suffering Christian families today

12 January 2018

The past week has seen renewed conflict across Syria. In a Christian area of Damascus near Bab Sharqi (East Gate), a shell fell on a church compound killing seven Christians and wounding others. Aleppo, which has had peace for a year, is now seeing fighting again and there is a major battle in Idlib. The Christian community in Homs mourns a new death every week or so; there was particular sorrow when a group of young Christian women, university students, died all together as their bus was targeted just before Christmas.

The church compound near Bab Sharqi in Damascus before it was shelled, killing seven Christians and wounding others. The shell landed just to the right of the Christmas tree. The Christian community in Syria desperately need your support

The remaining Christian community in Syria is under great pressure and desperately needs your prayers and your support, in particular the children, the disabled, the sick and the elderly.

They have endured years of conflict that have seen their homes destroyed, husbands and fathers martyred, hundreds of thousands displaced, and anti-Christian persecution from Islamist groups. The result is trauma and a sense of futility and hopelessness, especially amongst young people. Many struggle to get the most basic needs; medical care is inadequate or in some places non-existent.

The city of Aleppo endured 1700 days of war, with daily bombardment the norm. “The Christian community was heavily targeted,” writes Barnabas Fund’s partner in the city.  During this time, there were several sieges, one of them lasting seven months, which caused serious hunger and sickness. They thought that that the war had finished for them in December 2016 but now violence has flared up again.

Barnabas Aid is providing food and medical relief for thousands of Christians affected by the conflict

Even where conflict has passed, the legacy of destruction, bereavement, disrupted and broken lives remains. The humanitarian needs are still considerable.

Barnabas Fund is providing food and medical aid for thousands of Christians affected by the conflict.

Will you help Christian families in Syria today?

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