Barnabas Fund Supporters' Evening

Barnabas Fund Supporters' Evening

Register for our upcoming Supporters' Evening on 16 July 2020, 7pm Australian Eastern Standard Time

This remote event, hosted by Australian CEO Ashley Saunders, is an opportunity to hear directly from Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, International Director of Barnabas Fund, and Caroline Kerslake, International Director of Projects. Mrs Rosemary Sookhdeo, International Director of Finance, will also be present.

Patrick will address the effect of Covid-19 on the Church and Christian mission, in the light of the growing persecution which is taking place as well as the multiple natural disasters befalling the Church. He will seek to point a way ahead from which Barnabas Fund can develop into the future, as it re-structures and re-prioritises its efforts, under God, in order that the Church can be sustained, strengthened and advanced in post-Covid times. He will also reflect on how, through the tremendous assistance of Barnabas supporters, the Fund has been able to feed more than half a million Christians in the last three months.

Caroline will address not only what God has done to help Covid-affected and other hungry Christians over the last three months but also new projects that we hope, with the Lord’s help, to be developing to meet the needs of the post-Covid persecuted Church.

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