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In Muslim-majority Kyrgyzstan there is only one Kyrgyz-language Christian children’s magazine – and it is made available through support from Barnabas Fund. Filled with pictures, poems, puzzles and stories, the magazine proves very popular, with copies being passed around and distributed in the streets. With our help it is also translated and circulated in Kazakhstan and Bulgaria.

Many persecuted Christians are also deprived of Christian resources that would help them grow in their faith. The production and distribution of suitable materials is often restricted or forbidden. Our literature and resources funds support the provision of Bibles and other Christian literature, DVDs and television and radio programmes.

These resources provide huge encouragement and strength to our suffering brothers and sisters. A young Kachin Christian in Burma (Myanmar) who received a Bible funded by Barnabas said, “I am getting peace from God through reading the Bible and by living a life devoted to God.”


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