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“We have reached here with the help of God. We shall live well with God’s help in our land.” A Christian woman gave thanks for the Barnabas-funded Exodus project that has so far enabled nearly 5,000 Christians to relocate from Muslim-majority Sudan to mainly Christian South Sudan. Having endured hostility, injustice and violence for years from the Muslim majority and Islamist government in Sudan, they are now free to begin a new life.

Christians in many countries see their property looted or their churches and homes torched; they suffer physical assault and injury; or they may be arrested, imprisoned or even executed. Barnabas supports victims and their families with practical help of various kinds. In the past year we have provided emergency relief for Christians displaced by anti-Christian hostility in Pakistan, a safe house for persecuted believers in Kyrgyzstan and trauma counselling for children who were victims of violence in India.


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