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Operation Nehemiah: News Update #215

Operation Nehemiah: News Update #215

7 January 2016

UK – Northern Irish pastor acquitted of “grossly offensive” comments against Islam

Pastor James McConnell was found not guilty on 5 January of making comments against Islam that were “grossly offensive” in a sermon delivered in May 2014. Sheikh Dr Muhammad Al-Hussaini also supported the Pastor’s right to offend and wrote a blog article in his support.

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UK – Couple found guilty of London terrorist plot on 7/7 anniversary

Mohammed Rehman (25) and wife Sana Ahmed Khan (24) were found guilty on 29 December of plotting a suicide attack at the Westfield shopping centre in west London or the London Underground on the tenth anniversary of 7 July 2005 London attacks after they tested explosives in their garden.

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UK – Militant in latest Islamic State video thought to be British

A British man, Siddhartha Dhar (also known as Abu Rumaysah), is thought to be the main suspect in an as-yet-unconfirmed Islamic State video that was released recently. The footage appears to show the executions of five men accused of being spies. They are dressed in jumpsuits and shot in the back of the head as they kneel in the desert. Mr Dhar had been arrested on suspicion of encouraging terrorism but managed to travel to Syria in 2014 while on bail.

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UK – Jihadists target British prisons to recruit terrorists, says chief inspector

Britain’s chief inspector of prisons, Nick Hardwick, said that Islamic extremists are targeting UK jails to convert prisoners to Islam and to recruit terrorists. He also said the number of Muslims in UK prisons is growing, increasing by 120% since 2002.

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USA – Experts warn Islamic State is planning cyber-attack against USA

US experts say that Islamic State militants are developing their skills in order to launch a cyber-attack against the USA. They say that small-scale attacks at present reveal they do not have the capability as yet but it is without doubt their goal.

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Norway – Government begins unlawful adoption process for children taken from Christian parents

Norway’s child services have taken a Christian Romanian couple’s five children and have now begun the adoption process for the children without having conducted any background checks or interviews. Protests have been held in various cities urging the agency to return the children to the Bodnariu family and another is to be held outside the Norwegian Embassy in London on 8 January

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