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Alternative Gifts

As Christmas approaches, the time of year when we rejoice in the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, it is easy to get side-tracked by our society’s emphasis on consumerism and materialism.  Even exchanging gifts can become a competition and a burden instead of a delight and joy. So much money is spent on unwanted gifts for family and friends, gifts that may be discarded as soon as they are unwrapped.

But we have another family – our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters – who are in desperate need. They would not throw away a gift sent to bring them relief as they live day by day with pressure, injustice and even violence. They would value it highly, and be encouraged to know that fellow-Christians far away had remembered them and sent help.

Will you give a Christmas present to your Christian family suffering for the Lord? Choose a gift from the range below. Or you could give a gift to our General Fund to be used wherever the need is greatest.  

Perhaps someone you normally buy a present for would prefer that you helped someone else so much needier. We will send you a card that you can pass on to the person, to let them know where their Christmas present has gone this year.  

Would you like to give an alternative Christmas gift to a loved one this year? We will send you an attractive “Thank you” card, which you can send to the person on whose behalf you have made the donation.


Clean safe water
£17.50 could provide a water filter system in Pakistan


Christian literature
£6 could print and deliver three hymn books to Christians from a minority ethnic group in South-East Asia



Food for hungry Christians
£8 could help feed a hungry Egyptian Christian family for two weeks


Sewing machine
£65 could provide a sewing machine for the wife of a South Sudanese refugee pastor to start her own business



Mushroom farm
£200 could set up a mushroom farm for a Christian family in South-East Asia


Living costs for evangelists
£25 could provide a month’s support for a church-planting family in Indonesia



£70 could provide a bicycle to transform the daily life and ministry of a church pastor in Camp Rhino


Education and a future for a child
£18 on average per month funds a school place at a Christian school for a needy Christian child



Bibles and Scriptures
£5 per month could provide 12 Bibles a year to strengthen and offer hope to Christians living under pressure and persecution


Literacy for bonded labourers
£18 could enable one adult from a brick-kiln community to learn to read, write and add up


House for a homeless family
£997 could build a one-room brick house for a Christian family in Bangladesh made homeless by persecution

Donate to the Barnabas General Fund
If you would like to make a donation to our General Fund please click below