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Violence Against Christians in Bangladesh: Homeless Believers Need Your Help

4 October 2017

Eleven months ago, Bangladeshi police in riot gear marched into the desperately poor community of Christian Santal people in Gaibandah District. Firing rubber bullets as they went, the police evicted the Christians, and then, helped by local Muslims, set fire to the wooden shacks in which the Christians lived. Leaving their meagre possessions behind, the Christians fled. Their houses burned on into the night. Three Christians died in the attack and 5,500 to 6,000 were made homeless.

Since those events on the night of 6 November 2016, thousands of Santal Christians have lived in makeshift tents. Their land has been seized to cultivate sugar cane. There is a government-owned sugar factory nearby. 

There has been a Christian presence amongst the Santal ethnic minority group since at least 1867 when the first Santal church was built. For years they have suffered exploitation and injustice from the Muslim-majority Bengalis.

Homeless Santal Christians have lived in makeshift tents since police and Muslims torched their wooden homes in November 2016

Rebuilding to bring hope

Through Barnabas Fund’s project “Rebuilding for Santal Christians,” you can bring hope and a future to the Santal Christians of Gaibandah.

The plans includes brick houses, with shared toilets and tube wells, and a school

Phase 1 will provide 50 new homes, built of brick, on safe, church-owned land, with shared toilets and tube-wells. The school will also be repaired and refurbished.

Ten gifts of £17 could provide one shared toilet.

Two gifts of £65 could provide one tube well.

One gift of £920 could build a one-room home with brick walls and a roof of corrugated tin.

What will you do?


Give today

If you would like to make a gift, please direct your donation to Rebuilding the Santal community in Bangladesh 04-1360

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