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Will you help children of faith in the midst of disaster and persecution? 

“I wrapped my baby on my back and carried one of the twins in each arm. We were all so scared. We ran together with other villagers,” said Mary. She and her children are some of the 10,000 Kachin Christians displaced by a wave of attacks by the Myanmar military earlier this year.

While the mainstream international news reported that other aid agencies were unable to operate in the region, Barnabas was already getting practical help to displaced Kachin Christians through local Christian partners, so Mary’s children could have a tarpaulin roof over their head, clothing and food to eat.

Mary with one of her children. They and 10,000 other Kachin Christians fled from airstrikes by the Myanmar army

Barnabas is also helping to give displaced Kachin Christian children a semblance of normal life by funding schooling and educational costs for the children in displaced people’s camps.

Children are the most vulnerable

In times of natural disaster, children are among the most vulnerable. And in places of anti-Christian hostility or violence, Christian children are doubly vulnerable. Such is the experience of many Christian youngsters in India.

But what if they are also Dalits, the people considered “untouchable” by high caste Hindus? Marginalised, despised, unwanted and at the bottom of society, Christian Dalits were poor before the floods and now they are destitute. Their children’s future was bleak, facing a life of discrimination, first at school and then in the workplace.

Imagine the desolation of these little ones when the worst floods for almost a hundred years hit South India in August. Their homes, churches and all that was familiar in their young lives was destroyed. Barnabas Fund sent aid including children’s clothes, food, medicine and other basic needs. Now we are helping to repair their dangerously damaged houses so that they can go back home.

“The Kingdom of God belongs to such as these” (Mark 10:14)

The simple faith of Christian children is an inspiration to us all, often shining out in the very midst of disaster, conflict and persecution. 

A video of Christian children who survived the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia in September shows them singing together: “Hide me now under Your wings, cover me within Your mighty hand.” Some held hands, some were crying – all had lost either mother, father, brothers, sisters or their entire family in the catastrophic disaster days earlier. 

Barnabas Fund is helping Christian children who have survived this disaster with food and clothes. We are also funding a simple church-based programme to heal them from the trauma.

Barnabas is helping with the practical and emotional needs of Indonesian Christian children on the island of Sulawesi who lost family and homes in the devastating earthquake and tsunami

Your gift now can give practical help to children of faith

$5.50 could enable an emergency church kitchen in Sulawesi, Indonesia to provide three meals a day for a week to a Christian child made homeless by the earthquake and tsunami

$26 could provide a desk for one child at a school for displaced Kachin children in Myanmar

$130 could repair a flood-damaged house in South India, making it safe for a child and their family to return home again

Above all, please pray. Pray for children who have learned at a tender age the reality of suffering. Ask that their faith will be unwavering as they trust in the Lord Jesus Christ to protect and keep them. 

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