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Prayer for today:

Daily Prayer - Monday 24 September 2018

“I never believed this would be possible. My eyes filled with tears when I heard my loan is going to be paid off.” Afzal, a Pakistani Christian brick-kiln worker had got into debt when he had to borrow money from his employer to get medical treatment for his asthma. That made him a bonded labourer, unable to leave his low-paid back-breaking job. When his wife had an accident she could no longer make bricks, so their daughter (now 13) started working alongside her father. The family, who often did not have enough food to eat, had no hope of paying off their debt and expected to continue as bonded labourers (almost like slaves) for ever. Praise God for the generosity of Barnabas Fund supporters which enabled their debt to be paid, setting them free. Around 300 other families have also been freed in this way. Pray that their lives will be shining witnesses for the Lord and Saviour they love.