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A prayer request from Barnabas Prayer is available daily on Facebook, Twitter and the Barnabas Fund app. A printed copy of the bimonthly Barnabas Prayer diary is included as an insert in our free bi-monthly Barnabas Aid magazine, which you can sign up to receive here.

Prayer for today:

Daily Prayer - Tuesday 28 January 2020

At the time of writing Eldos, a convert from Islam to Christianity who fled Kyrgyzstan with two convert relatives after suffering terrible violence from local Muslims, is awaiting yet more surgery on his jaw to repair the dreadful injuries he sustained. The safe and distant country they hoped to settle in long-term has changed its visa policy and it may not be possible for them to go there after all. Please pray that the Lord who has helped Eldos thus far (1 Samuel 7:12) will continue to guide and provide for him and his relatives.