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Daily Prayer - Friday 31 August 2018

Thank our heavenly Father that it is reasonably easy to get Christian books and materials in Morocco. The New Testament has been translated into Moroccan Arabic. Believers ask for prayer that the Old Testament can be completed (target date 2021) and for translation projects in various local languages (related to Berber). Moroccan Christians are producing worship music (including their own new compositions) which builds up believers and is also a way of reaching out to others, especially the young. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide and inspire our brothers and sisters as they write and perform the songs.


Daily Prayer - Thursday 30 August 2018

The Church in Morocco focuses on evangelism. This is despite the fact that Article 220 of the Penal Code lays down a prison sentence for “shaking the faith of a Muslim”. On the plus side, the constitution guarantees freedom of religion and identity cards do not record a person‘s faith. Christians share the Gospel one-to-one and on media and social media. Give thanks for our courageous brothers and sisters and pray the Holy Spirit will guide them to those who are truly seeking God.


Daily Prayer - Wednesday 29 August 2018

Mauritanian Christians have been timid in the past, but now they find people are more open to the Gospel and this is giving them confidence. Most Christians are in the capital, but there has recently been outreach to ethnic groups in the interior of this vast country and some people have become Christians. Pray for a move of God‘s Spirit in Mauritania, to bring many to the joy and peace of knowing their sins forgiven and fellowship with Him through the crucified and risen Lord Jesus.


Daily Prayer - Tuesday 28 August 2018

The Christian presence in Tunisia, the country of early Church fathers like Augustine and Tertullian, disappeared for centuries under Islamic rule. But now there is a new church emerging of converts from Islam, who are known to exist in nine of the country‘s 24 governorates. But every so often, a family is discovered who have been believers for years but isolated and unaware there were any other Tunisian Christians. So only the Lord knows the true number of His followers there. Pray that all may be encouraged and grow in Him, especially those who are isolated and have no contact with other Christians.


Daily Prayer - Monday 27 August 2018

Despite the government crackdown on Algerian Christians, Slimane Bouhafs was released from prison on 1 April 2018. He had been imprisoned for blasphemy because of a Facebook post saying “Jesus overcomes the lies of Islam.” His original five-year sentence was reduced to less than two. He had been attacked by fellow prisoners after he defended his Christian beliefs, following a prison sermon in which the imam incited hatred towards Christians. Praise God for this answer to prayer.


Daily Prayer - Sunday 26 August 2018

O Lord God, we pray for Christians in Algeria, eight months after their government began to intensify persecution against them. We ask that the many churches that have been forcibly closed in Arab parts of the country will be re-opened and the church building projects which have been halted can be resumed. We pray that pressure on landlords to stop them renting premises to Christians will be relaxed. Be close to our brothers and sisters, especially those who have been taken to court for their evangelistic activities, and given prison sentence or fines. Please bring good out of this situation and deliver Your people from evil. We ask in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Daily Prayer - Saturday 25 August 2018

Thank you for your prayers for Christians in Uzbekistan. The religious liberty situation has recently improved a little for evangelical Christians and a lot for Muslims. President Mirziyoyev is promoting Islam, by opening new Islamic institutions, starting a Quran-reading competition, and encouraging Muslims from other countries to come on pilgrimage to Uzbekistan. Teenagers will again be allowed to visit mosques. Christians have found a slight easing of the restrictions they used to face, and the Committee for Religious Affairs is making it easier for Christian congregations to register their buildings (so they can function legally) and to construct new church buildings (which greatly facilitate ministry in a hostile context). Pray that God will have His hand over Uzbekistan, guiding the decisions of those in power even though they do not know Him.


Daily Prayer - Friday 24 August 2018

Reports from western Kazakhstan say that the authorities have demanded that registered churches provide the details of all children (i.e. under 18) who attend Christian meetings: full names, ages, ID numbers and places of study. It is illegal for the authorities to require this information and, at the time of writing, the churches have refused to provide it. In several countries around the world, authorities have recently switched the focus of their anti-Christian persecution to children of Christian families. Pray that these youngsters may be mature beyond their years to deal with the pressures their facing. Pray also for wisdom for their parents and church leaders, as they respond to the new situations.


Daily Prayer - Thursday 23 August 2018

Dilobarkhon Sultanova met a woman at her church in Kazakhstan, who later asked to meet her in a nearby caf? so that Dilobarkhon could show her how to download a Bible app on to her mobile phone. Minutes after Dilobarkhon had done so, she was arrested by the police for “illegal missionary activity”. Praise God that Dilobarkhon was acquitted in court on 13 March, because there was proof that the woman who asked for the Bible app had attended church. Pray that Kazakh believers will continue to share the Gospel boldly.


Daily Prayer - Wednesday 22 August 2018

Thank you for praying about Russia‘s vague but draconian Religion Law, introduced two years ago and used mainly against Protestant Christians. A recent ruling by Russia‘s Constitutional Court has added some clarity to the term “missionary activity”, under which so many prosecutions have been made. The Court said that missionary activity involves disseminating information “among persons who are not participants (members, followers)”. This semi-definition should at least mean that Christians are no longer fined for simply advertising church events or putting posts on social media. Pray that the harassment of believers in Russia will cease.


Daily Prayer - Tuesday 21 August 2018

Four men armed with guns, knives and Molotov cocktails attempted to storm a church building in Grozny, capital of Chechnya, during a service on Saturday 19 May. When the worshippers – elderly women and one man – heard shots outside and chants of “Allahu Akbar [God is great]”, they rushed to close and bolt the doors, but in vain. At least two Christians and two police officers as well as the attackers were killed. Pray for the injured and bereaved and that the Lord Jesus will change the hearts of those who think they are doing right by killing His faithful followers.


Daily Prayer - Monday 20 August 2018

Kim Jong-un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, has amazed the world in recent months by reaching out to South Korea and to the USA, as well as by making preliminary moves to reduce his nuclear arsenal. In May he released three American missionaries who had been incarcerated in North Korea. Such things were unthinkable this time last year. Pray that he will now set free the many North Korean Christians held in labour camps because of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. (At the time of writing it is not clear whether or not he will meet with President Trump.)


Daily Prayer - Sunday 19 August 2018

Lord God, we seek Your blessing on all Cuban Christians who are facing discrimination from the communist government. We especially ask you to protect Christian children from those who are preventing them from attending Christian schools and even denying them food in government schools. We pray for parents like Pastor Ramon and his wife Ayda who were prosecuted for giving their child a Christian education at home. Please strengthen Pastor Ramon, now banned from leading his church and forced to work checking the local water supply for disease. Bless his witness and help his ministry to continue. Sovereign Lord, we pray that You will overrule in Cuba to soften the hearts of those in government.


Daily Prayer - Saturday 18 August 2018

As Christians in many Western countries find themselves increasingly despised by society at large and their freedom of conscience and freedom of speech being gradually eroded, pray that their faith may grow to meet the new challenges. Pray that Western church leaders will be bold and not compromise for the sake of an easy life. Ask also that Barnabas Fund‘s Our Religious Freedom campaign will be effective in safeguarding freedoms in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. OurReligiousFreedom.org


Daily Prayer - Friday 17 August 2018

A committee set up by the Australian government to review religious freedom in Australia submitted their report to the government in late May. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said that he was “absolutely committed to ensuring freedom of religion is protected in Australia” and that the government would respond to the review “in due course”. Despite existing safeguards in federal law and constitution, religious freedom is in practice being eroded in Australia, and Barnabas Fund is running a petition calling for better protection to be put in place. Pray that the Australian government will do this without delay.


Daily Prayer - Thursday 16 August 2018

Christians in the UK are heartened by government guidelines issued in May which make clear that Christians should be allowed to wear a cross or other symbol of their faith in the workplace, so long as it does not interfere with their ability to do their job. This is very welcome because of the long-running case of Nadia Eweida, a British Airways employee, who was not allowed to wear a small cross around her neck, while colleagues were allowed to wear symbols of other religions. Eventually in 2013 the European Court of Human Rights ruled in Nadia‘s favour. Legal experts said that the new guidance will not come into effect until at least 2019 and could be reversed after Brexit. Pray that the rights of Christians will be affirmed wholeheartedly, alongside those of other religions.


Daily Prayer - Wednesday 15 August 2018

Nigeria‘s vice-president, Yemi Osinbajo, a Christian, has urged Nigerian Christians to pray for fellow-believers who have government positions. “If you look through the Scriptures, whether it was Joseph, Daniel or Esther, every person who made an impact in governance … was supported by the prayers of the people of God … We are in a period of history when God wants to do something; that is why some of us [Christians] are in government. They opportunity must not be lost. Your prayers to God will make that difference.” Add your own prayers too. Nigeria has a mainly Christian South and a mainly Muslim North. Christians suffer many violent attacks in certain states.


Daily Prayer - Tuesday 14 August 2018

President Idriss D?by of Chad came to power in a coup in 1990. The latest Chadian constitution will allow him potentially to continue as president until 2033. As a Muslim, he rules over a Muslim-majority population with a substantial Christian minority and some who follow African traditional religions. The Chadian army is considered the most effective in West Africa for dealing with Boko Haram, the jihadi militant group originating in Nigeria which is apparently seeking to eliminate Christians from the territory it controls. But in the Central African Republic, Chadian troops are regarded as favouring the Seleka Muslim militants. Pray to our almighty Lord God, who raises up and brings down leaders as He wills, that He may use President D?by for His purposes (Isaiah 45:13).


Daily Prayer - Monday 13 August 2018

Chad adopted a controversial new constitution on 30 April. One of the areas of disagreement was how government ministers should be sworn in. Some church leaders were opposed to taking an oath of any kind and therefore the main official formula adopted was the one proposed by the High Council of Islamic Affairs of Chad, using the phrase “in the name of Allah”. On 11 May when government ministers were sworn in, two Christian ministers refused to follow the new formula. One lost her portfolio as a result, being replaced by a Muslim. Pray for wisdom for all Christians in Chad as they respond to the new situation in their country.


Daily Prayer - Sunday 12 August 2018

Heavenly Father, we pray for South Sudan where millions of people are facing severe hunger, even famine in places. We thank You for helping Christians stay strong in their faith during long years of conflict and hardship. Be with Your children in their desperate need, and protect and provide for families forced to flee. May they find refuge and strength in You. We ask that church leaders will be effective peace-makers in South Sudan, and that rains will fall at the right time for crops to grow. (Ps 46:1)


Daily Prayer - Saturday 11 August 2018

“Some people want to exterminate Christianity in Nigeria. As these killings go unhindered we feel that the government has a hidden agenda to wipe out Christianity.” These were the words of Bishop JG Masin, of the Christian Association of Nigeria. “Christians are being targeted and killed in Adamawa, Plateau, Benue, Nasarawa and other states – because of our faith,” said Bishop Masin. He ridiculed the official explanation that the killers were herdsmen looking for land to graze their livestock. “Do cattle rearers look for grass with AK 47? … Does a church look like grazing land?” Pray with our Nigerian brothers and sisters that their government will protect them against Muslims seeking to kill them.


Daily Prayer - Friday 10 August 2018

“As Christians we are not to take revenge, but continue to focus on Christ who was also killed in order to secure salvation for all mankind.” A senior Nigerian church leader urged Christians not to fight back in response to repeated attacks on churches and killing of Christians in Benue state. Pray that Nigerian Christians will have grace to forgive the enemies who injure and kill them, destroy their property, force them from their homes. As our Lord commands, pray for their attackers too (Matthew 5:44).


Daily Prayer - Thursday 9 August 2018

On 24 April, “herdsmen” attacked a church in Benue State, Nigeria, killing 17 people including two church ministers. They also burnt about 50 houses and forced out the whole community. Pray that the Prince of Peace will bring an end to the continuing violence against Nigerian Christians, both from ethnic Fulani herdsmen and from the jihadi militant group, Boko Haram. Ask our heavenly Father to provide for those who have lost everything and that the Holy Spirit will comfort those who mourn.


Daily Prayer - Wednesday 8 August 2018

Pray for the grieving families of six people who were killed by armed militants during a church leaders‘ retreat in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic (CAR), on Tuesday 1 May. “Apparently well informed of a programme taking place at the church … they surrounded the building and went in while the service was being held, throwing grenades and firing at participants,” wrote a local source to Barnabas Fund. Although international media take little notice of what is going on in CAR, our Heavenly Father knows. (Matthew 6:8)


Daily Prayer - Tuesday 7 August 2018

This prayer request came to Barnabas Fund from the Central African Republic, where violence continues between the Muslim Seleka militants and the anti-Balaka militants (who claim to be Christian, although condemned by Church leaders), and UN troops are failing in their task of peacekeeping. “Please pray for the Lord to touch people‘s hearts. The corruption eating away at the entire country and the evil in people‘s hearts presents us with a great challenge in the current situation… Only God can help the poor, defenceless population. May He give wisdom to His children…”


Daily Prayer - Monday 6 August 2018

“The true Church that is faithful to her Lord and Saviour has to be a persecuted one,” said a senior church leader from Syria, and he quoted John 15:20. “I come from a Church … which faced many tribulations and genocides throughout the centuries,” he said, “Today we continue to suffer persecution at the hands of terrorist groups such as ISIS, Al-Nusra and others, who are targeting Christian congregations and have completely destroyed many of our churches and other institutions.” Pray that Syrian Christians may gain hope and comfort from the knowledge that Jesus Himself was persecuted and foretold their own persecution.


Daily Prayer - Sunday 5 August 2018

Loving heavenly Father, we pray today for Iraqi Christians, especially those who fled from Mosul and the Plains of Nineveh, perhaps 200,000 of them, as Islamic State advanced in 2014. Although they have lost everything and the future is so uncertain, please keep their minds in perfect peace as they trust in You. Comfort them in their distress, as the light of Christ in Mosul seems to have been all but extinguished. We grieve with them that a major cathedral has been desecrated and smashed up. Please send your angels to guard the 10 Christian families who have dared to return to the city, which remains so hostile to Your people even though the militants have gone. (Isaiah 26:3)


Daily Prayer - Saturday 4 August 2018

Praise God for answered prayer regarding 110 church properties in and around Mardin, which had been seized by the Turkish government last year. After much negotiation and the passing of a new bill by the Turkish Parliament, title deeds for 55 of the properties were returned on 22 May 2018. Pray for the speedy return of the rest as well as many properties which were seized in the twentieth century.


Daily Prayer - Friday 3 August 2018

Egyptian Christian leaders have written to the Ministry of the Interior to ask the authorities to reinstate Advice and Guidance sessions for Christians seeking to convert to Islam. Pray that their request will be granted. These informal meetings between the Christian and a church minister, held under the auspices of the security authority, were intended to ensure that the Christian was converting of their own free will. The meetings were banned by the government in 2004. The context of this request was the increasing number of Christian women and girls being kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam. For example, on 8 April Hanaa Saad Fawzi and her daughter Muhrail disappeared. Hanaa managed to phone her husband to tell him they were being held and that she had been forced to sign a blank piece of paper. Pray that she and Muhrail can escape back to their family.


Daily Prayer - Thursday 2 August 2018

An unlicensed church building in Kumeira, south of Luxor, Egypt, was attacked by Muslim villagers on 1 April after inspectors came to check the structure, to prepare for completion of the legalisation process. The rioters also stoned Christian homes and stopped a train carrying sugarcane to the factories. Eight Muslim rioters were arrested, but so were seven Christians who had not left their homes throughout the violence. All 15 were charged with disrupting the peace, blocking the railway, and terrorising the villagers. After some days in detention, the Christians – in order to gain their freedom – agreed to a so-called “reconciliation”, signing to say that the two parties were reconciled and that they, the Christians, waived all their legal rights. Such agreements frequently follow anti-Christian violence in rural areas of Egypt and, just as in Kumeira, they are unjust and humiliating to the Christian victims.