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Daily Prayer - Wednesday 3 February 2016

“It’s like a privilege! It’s an honour to be able to choose between our life and our God.” These are the words of Raneen, a young Iraqi Christian woman who fled with 2,000 other Christians from the town of Bartella, near Mosul, when it was taken by Islamic State in August 2014, just before her wedding day. Leaving everything behind, she and her fiancé went first to Iraqi Kurdistan, where they married, then to Turkey, then to Jordan. Raneen’s passionate words about the privilege of suffering for Christ came when she was asked if she was angry with God for all that she had lost. Up to 200,000 other Christians from in and around Mosul have similarly been forced from their homes and lost everything. Pray that they too may rejoice to be counted worthy to suffer. (Acts 5:41)