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Australia - Children banned from talking about Jesus in the playground

2 August 2017

The Australian state of Queensland’s Education Department has caused major concern after it sent directives to school principals to take action against children who talked about Jesus or gave out Christmas cards in primary school. Australian Christian Lobby’s Queensland Director, Wendy Francis, called on Education Minister Kate Jones to rescind the new rules, saying:

“It is hard to understand what is so dangerous about Jesus that the Queensland Government has to ban children from talking about him, even at Christmas time. Are they worried kids will start living out the values of the Sermon on the Mount?

. . . School should be a safe place for kids to talk about Jesus without worrying that they will get in trouble from the teacher.”

It later emerged that the directives had not even been scrutinised by the committee (consisting of representatives of different faiths which is responsible for advising the Education Department) before any policy is published.

The Education Minister has now called a meeting of the committee next week to discuss this and stated that children are free to talk about Jesus and exchange Christmas cards. However, as the directives have not been rescinded, it is unclear what their current status is.

The problem is indicative of a growing trend of prejudice against those holding Biblical Christian beliefs. Indeed, it appears that only Christianity was singled out in the Education Department’s directives, with other religions being ignored.