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Christian Machine-Gunned

21 June 2001

Another Christian was killed in the terrible ongoing violence in the Holy Land on the night of 12 June. Father Gerasimos was travelling from Jerusalem to Wadi Kelt when his car was ambushed and riddled with bullets. Father Gerasimos, a Greek Orthodox monk, was most likely mistaken for a conservative Jewish settler because of his long beard, and killed by Palestinian gunmen.

The Christians of the Holy Land, often called “the smallest minority in a land of minorities” have suffered terribly in the brutal conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. In the town of Beit Jala near Bethlehem they have been quite literally caught in the crossfire with the result that at least 300 Christian homes have been destroyed and several churches damaged. The tourist trade upon which so many Christians depended has ground to a halt. Essential services such as electricity and water have been cut off as few Christians can afford to pay the bills. Christian families are fleeing Bethlehem every day, most will probably never return, leaving only the very poorest and most vulnerable.


Christians in the Holy Land are living in conditions of desperate poverty and great need. Many who were already poor before the current unrest, are now literally starving. The Barnabas Fund is sending aid to the neediest families. Click the link below if you would like to make a donation to support suffering Christians in the Holy Land. Please remember to type 153 in the project number box when you fill out the donation submission form.