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Converts from Islam Kidnapped in India and Tanzania

16 May 2005

A young Christian girl was kidnapped earlier this month in Kashmir, India. She is a convert from Shia Islam, and had been working for a Christian ministry. In a similar case in Tanzania, a young Swahili man was kidnapped on Friday 13th May by his extended Muslim family after openly confessing his conversion to Christianity.

The Kashmiri convert, N, is one of only a few Kashmiri women who have become Christians. She has been involved with translation work on children’s Bible stories. The ministry itself has had much pressure from the local mullahs, who have been harassing the workers to leave their homes, and issuing death threats against them.

The Tanzania convert, E, converted to Christianity just a few months ago, and since then has been openly sharing his faith with his community in Kilwa, Tanzania, despite his family’s open hostility to his conversion and being thrown out of the family home. He recently entered into an argument on Islamic theology, at a family gathering where Muslim leaders were also present, and the audience threatened to beat him up. Last Friday his uncles kidnapped him, taking him to another location and keeping him incommunicado. He managed to make a phone call on Sunday to ask for help to escape.

Barnabas Fund has been asked not to publicise the names of the converts, so as not to endanger them further.

Please join with us in prayer...

1. Pray for the safety of N and E, that they will be returned swiftly, unharmed to those who care for them.

2. Pray that N and E will be strong in their faith and courageous in continuing to witness. Pray that their witness may have a lasting effect both on their kidnappers and those in their communities.

3. Pray for protection for all those who work for the ministry in Kashmir, that the work will be able to continue unhindered. Pray for the local mullahs, that they will end their harassment.

4. Pray for deepening relationships between the Christians and their Muslim communities, that the Christians might have continued opportunity to show God’s love.