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Girls Rescue Centre - Kenya

25 October 2007

This project is based in a remote rural region of Kenya where the people are very poor. Christians in the area are under great pressure from traditional religious beliefs and practices. Many women have a particularly hard time in the patriarchal society, suffering from polygamy, female genital mutilation (female circumcision), and forced marriage at a very young age, often to men decades older than them.



The leader of the project is the only Christian minister in the district. He and his wife operate an "open house" and have for years included orphans and others in their own large family. They have been the point of refuge for young Christian women escaping abusive situations. These include orphans, young girls being virtually "sold" to much older polygamous men, female circumcision at puberty, abuse and violence, and other forms of ill-treatment.

The girls come from various backgrounds. In some cases they are orphans, vulnerable to exploitation, in others their mothers have become Christians and want to protect their daughters from abuse. In yet other cases the girls themselves are converts to Christianity and are persecuted.

However demand continually exceeds the capacity of what they can do in their own home. In 2006 they were able to construct a small hostel / refuge. This cost £3,500 to build. Barnabas Fund helped equip the new Girls Rescue Centre and has been assisting with running costs, helping with food and clothes, education costs and all their other needs. The annual budget is currently around £7,500 (US$15,000 / €9,750 / AUS$16,330 / NZ$18,680) per year for 20 girls, or just £7.20 (US$14.40 / €9.35 / AUS$15.70 / NZ$18) each per week.


Barnabas Fund is also financing the construction of a new larger building, to significantly increase the capacity at the rescue centre. This aims to provide four dormitories of 12 beds, a kitchen, storeroom, large dining room/lounge, matron's flat and other facilities.

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