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CHINA – University bans Christmas

21 December 2017

A university in north-eastern China has banned its students from celebrating Christmas.

In an online notice, the university stated that the ban which applied to the students’ union, all student associations, and the sub branches of the youth league, was to help students develop “cultural confidence,” and protect them from being “corro[ded by] Western religious culture.”

Although Christmas is an increasingly popular celebration in China, university authorities have banned Christmas, calling it corrosive “Western religious culture”
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Three years ago, another university in north-western China banned Christmas. It placed banners around the campus that stated, “Strive to be outstanding sons and daughters of China, oppose kitsch Western holidays” and “Resist the expansion of Western culture.”

A city in Zhejiang, eastern China, has also banned all Christmas activities in schools and kindergartens.

Since Xi Jinping became president of China in 2013, there has been an increase in persecution of Christians, especially Protestants. Since October 2017, Communist Party officials in south-eastern China have been “encouraging” Christians to replace Christian posters in their homes with portraits of the president.

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