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Australia Australia - Children banned from talking about Jesus in the playground
Islamist attack on Pope foiled
Analysis: British NHS in court to defend attempt to stop staff speaking about their beliefs outside of the workplace
Tim Farron, who resigned as leader of the Liberal Democrat Recently, stating that he had found it impossible to reconcile being both a committed Christian and Lib-Dem leader New threat to evangelical Christians in the UK
The Harry S. Truman Building, the headquarters of the US Department of State US State Department lawyers removing references to “genocide” against Christians
The OIC meeting in 2011 OIC London conference recommends Islamic blasphemy law for media
The Iranian Revolutionary Guards were founded following the 1979 revolution to defend the country's Islamic system 93% of UK Christians feel they are marginalised; 70% of young Christians have experienced prejudice because of their faith
UK Foreign Office agency says Evangelical Christians in the Global South should “reinterpret” the Bible
Church of England General Synod says praying to help gay people should be banned
The House of Lords UK House of Lords report says UK foreign policy should help Christians in the Middle East
Christian street preachers acquitted: CPS must now answer questions over attempt to censor public Bible reading
United States Congress US House of Representatives passes Iraq and Syria Genocide Relief Act