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Church of England General Synod says praying to help gay people should be banned
The House of Lords UK House of Lords report says UK foreign policy should help Christians in the Middle East
Christian street preachers acquitted: CPS must now answer questions over attempt to censor public Bible reading
United States Congress US House of Representatives passes Iraq and Syria Genocide Relief Act
The largest mosque in the United States in Dearborn, Michigan US Homeland Security Secretary says we need to monitor churches and mosques to spot extremists before they cross the line into violence
European Parliament European parliament: Christian refugees face double danger
USA: Bernie Sanders ignores US Constitution and seeks to exclude candidate from public office because he is an evangelical Christian
In the wake of the attack in France, the UK police sent letters to churches urging them to be vigilent against potential attacks UK: C of E says UK churches inadequately protected from terrorism
Jaelene Hinkle USA: Christian soccer player withdraws from US national team after being told to wear gay pride shirt
CANADA: Ontario parliament passes law allowing state to remove children who identify as LGBTQI from parents who oppose such ideology