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His grace abounds: miracles of compassion in the face of evil persecution

3 July 2018

Recent news from Nigeria highlights the worsening situation there for the mainly Christian farming community, as the attacks from Fulani Muslims increase. However, the international community seems to be beginning to take seriously the genocidal figures emerging for the killings in Nigeria and West Africa. Recent questions in parliament, and the House of Lords, are bringing the plight of this long-persecuted Christian people into the light. We pray this will lead to international pressure being brought to bear on the Government of Nigeria to take steps to end the violence and work towards justice and righteousness.

Evil and sin may sometimes seem to be overwhelming, especially in regions of persecution, but His grace abounds far more (Romans 5:20). And amidst the chaos and difficulty the Lord’s ministry continues with miraculous stories emerging from war-torn Nigeria. We are happy to report that displaced Christian children in Nigeria, like Miracle and Cyrus, are being saved and gently restored to normal life by a pastor’s ministry, supported by Barnabas Fund, in the Plateau State region. And the brave actions of a local imam who risked his life to shelter Christians fleeing from a Fulani attack, saving some 262 lives, is another encouraging story of hope to recently emerge from this bitter conflict that has raged on for so many decades.

The imam’s compassion was inspired by a simple act of Christian tolerance over 40 years ago! We pray, in turn, that the Holy Spirit will enable persecuted Christians to forgive and love their persecutors (Matthew 5:44) and that their Christ-like reactions will have an impact upon those who try to hurt and destroy them.