Please help Christian children this Christmas

27 November 2017

2,000 years ago a Child fled with His parents. It still happens today.

Earlier this year twelve-year-old “Amos” and his parents were making their way on foot to Uganda. They wanted to escape the drought, famine and killing fields of their homeland, South Sudan. Somehow, Amos lost his parents, but continued through the bush alone. He came across another group of refugees, who agreed to let Amos travel with them. Before long the group walked into an ambush. As the attackers opened fire, the refugees scattered. When the shooting stopped, Amos found himself on his own again. He hid in the bush for two days until he saw another group passing, who let him join them. By this time, Amos was so weak with hunger, he could hardly walk. After a while, two of the men took turns to carry Amos on their backs until they reached Uganda. 

Amos is now safe in Camp Rhino, fed mainly by the Church of Uganda, with funding from Barnabas. He is one of 90,000 South Sudanese Christians in that camp, a large proportion of them women and children. 

Barnabas Fund has fed 100,000 starving children in Africa this year

“Khanna,” with her sister and parents, fled Syria as Islamic State militants closed in. The four of them now live crammed into a tiny flat in Turkey with two other families. Khanna, who has learning difficulties, developed a chronic nervous skin condition. Although Khanna’s father was working twelve hours a day to try to provide for his family, he could not afford the cost of the medical treatment his daughter needed. Barnabas Fund was able to assist.

Hope and aid for thousands of young believers

Barnabas Fund helps thousands of Christian child refugees in Africa and the Middle East. We also feed thousands of young believers growing up in grinding poverty due to anti-Christian discrimination in countries like Egypt and Pakistan. And we educate thousands of Christian youngsters, enabling them to learn in a loving Christian environment, through schools in Asia and the Arab world.

Barnabas supports 101 Christian schools in Pakistan alone. This one is for the children of brick-kiln workers, who are mostly “bonded” to their employers almost like slaves. The whole family helps in the arduous brick-making

Without these schools, the children would face discrimination, hostility, or even violence in the classroom; they might be failed in their exams just because they were Christians, or pressured by their teachers to convert to the majority religion. Some of the poorest would not be able to study at all.

We also support Christian orphanages and hostels, fund Christian children’s literature in various languages, and enable trauma counselling for war-affected children.

Displaced Iraqi Christian children. Barnabas Fund helps needy children in the Middle East

Please help Christian children this Christmas

As Christmas approaches, when we rejoice in the birth of our Saviour, we also remember how, as an infant, He Himself fled violent persecution (Matthew 2:13-18).

Thank you for your regular giving to Barnabas Fund. May I ask you to consider prayerfully whether you could give an extra gift this Christmas for children suffering for Jesus?

Above all, please pray for the children who have learned at a tender age the reality of suffering for His sake.


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