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Algeria - Christian Nursery

24 May 2017

There are at least 50,000 Algerian Christians in the otherwise overwhelmingly Muslim country, most of them converts from Islam and their children. Since 2006 Christian activity in Algeria has been restricted again by new government regulations. Evangelism to Muslims is prohibited, and is punishable by a fine or imprisonment. Christian parents do not want to send their children to nursery schools in which Islam and the Qur'an are taught and this nursery school was launched in 2011 to offer children a Christian education in a loving environment. The school makes Bible stories and prayer a central part of every day and the children are encouraged to love each other, share together and pray for one another.This project funds the salaries of three teachers and this year it has covered the cost of two swings and one big slide for the children to play on. It costs about £130 to support each teacher for one month, approx. £390 to pay for the slide and about £490 to pay for the swings.