Projects > Support for adult literacy centres at Brick Kiln Units in Pakistan

24 May 2017

Adult Literacy Centres for Brick Kiln Workers. Brick kiln workers in Pakistan labour in terrible conditions and are very vulnerable to abuse and exploitation by their employers. Many of them are illiterate which means they can easily be tricked and deceived, and makes it is very hard for them to stand up for their rights, or even to prove how many bricks they have made. This project will train Christian brick kiln workers to read and write, so that they will know the contents of any document they may be asked to sign and can check that records about their work and wages are kept accurately. They will also be taught about health, hygiene, and their legal rights. Another benefit will be that they will be able to learn more easily It is hoped to train 150 Christians each year in ten groups of 15 each. This will indirectly benefit far more people, as each literate Christian will be able to help and assist their extended family.