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In December 2012 Typhoon Bopha triggered devastating floods and landslides across the southern Philippines. Many Christians on the island of Mindanao, who were already vulnerable to hostility from militant Islamists, saw their homes and crops destroyed. Barnabas assisted 705 families with essential supplies.

In areas where Christians are in a minority, and especially where they are persecuted, they may also suffer discrimination in the distribution of aid after natural disasters. Barnabas’s Disaster Relief Fund is used to provide both their immediate needs and support to rebuild their lives in the longer term, so that their suffering is no worse than that of the majority population.

In the past year Barnabas has provided food relief for Christians affected by crop failures and spiralling food prices in Mali, emergency aid for Christians displaced by heavy rains in Chad, new homes for flood victims in Pakistan, and many other needs for disaster victims.


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