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Imagine that you are in a leadership position within a persecuted congregation. Then imagine that you have no access to the training and support you need to help your flock stand firm under pressure. This difficult situation is faced by many impoverished church leaders in India.

But when one Indian church was attacked in 2012, its leaders were able to stand strong in their faith despite the trauma they had experienced. They had just received Barnabas-funded Biblical training on “standing firm in the midst of persecution”. Their new understanding meant that the congregation was blessed greatly by their steadfast leadership.

When church leaders are properly supported, persecuted congregations can go from strength to strength despite the pressure they face. For example, a group of pastors in Kyrgyzstan are now able to teach their congregations about what the Bible says on the place of suffering in the Christian life, thanks to the new understanding they gained at a Barnabas funded conference. Barnabas supports leadership training at various levels for church leaders and Christian workers to equip them to support the suffering Christians they serve.


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