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Many Christians in South Sudan are struggling to feed their families because of forces beyond their control. Their country is still reeling from the effects of the long civil war (1983-2005), when what was then North Sudan tried to impose sharia law on the mainly Christian South.

In 2012, Barnabas Fund’s partner in South Sudan loaned a group of 197 South Sudanese Christian women the money they needed to start their own small businesses to support their families. For example, one of the women, Kila, now runs a thriving market stall selling bread and snacks and can now provide for her children.

In some countries, Christians find themselves barred from all but the lowest-paid jobs or passed over for promotion. It may also be that the only work open to them is dangerous. Barnabas Fund provides the training, start-up costs or resources our brothers and sisters need to become self-sufficient so they do not need to seek employment from those who despise and abuse them.


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