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24 May 2017

The Christian community in Pakistan are one of the most marginalised minorities in the world. Parents struggle to pay for their children's schooling and many cannot afford to do so. Those who do attend mainstream schools suffer routine discrimination as a result of their faith. This project supports the building and running costs of twelve Christian schools in the Multan area, enabling Christian parents to give their children a good education, including English language skills and encouragement in their Christian faith. A school typically costs between £10,000/ US$16,800/ €12,165 and £20,000/ US$33,600/ €24,330 to build and running costs will include expenses such asschool books (about £340/ US$570/ €415 for 100 children),teachers' salaries (£320/ US$540/ €390 per annum each), whiteboards and markers (£55/ US$90/ €65), and furniture (£385/ US$645/ €470).