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24 May 2017

Pakistani Christians often live in grinding poverty, with many working as labourers or in brick factories, where they are often "bonded labourers€, which is almost the same as being slaves. Christians often find it difficult to get jobs owing to discrimination, and their resulting poverty can mean their children are unable to have an education, they are unable to access safe drinking water or adequate nutrition and many Christian families remain trapped in crushing cycles of poverty and illiteracy. This project is run by a women's ministry and they are planning to install 20 hand pumps in 3 districts of Punjab. The hand pumps will be set up on church premises to ensure that they can be used by the church community. Costs includethe purchase of the 20 pumps (approx. £1,490); labour costs for their installation (about £620), and oversight, monitoring and contingency costs for the smooth running of the project (approx. £1,040). The total cost of installing all 20 pumps is therefore approximately £3,150, or about £158 for each pump.