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22 November 2017

Many Pakistani Christians earn their living making bricks. Most are bonded labourers, almost like slaves, unable to leave their low-paid, back-breaking jobs, sometimes even sold from one brick kiln owner to another. Often the children work alongside their parents. At times of sickness or other family crisis, they have to borrow money from their employers but after that the “interest” is deducted from their meagre wages and they find they can never pay off the loan. These debts keep them bonded to their employers. This project pays off the debts and sets the families free.  Other Barnabas Fund projects, such as food parcels and vocational training enable them not to have to borrow from their employers again. A typical debt is around £1,500 (US$2,000; €1,700; A$2,750; NZ$2,900).