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Is the Muslim Isa the Biblical Jesus?

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Those who seek common ground between Christianity and Islam tend to ignore or suppress the real differences between them. They may even say that the Isa of the Quran is the same as the Lord Jesus Christ of the New Testament. But this view strips Jesus of His uniqueness, which is based on His deity, incarnation, passion, crucifixion, resurrection, redemptive mission and universal Lordship. All that is left is the human Jesus, not the divine, and thus the very foundation of the Christian faith is undermined.Although Muslims claim Isa (Jesus) as one of their prophets, it is important to know what they teach about him. This booklet explores what the Quran and Hadith say about Isa, his birth, crucifixion and death, and the relationship between Isa and Muhammad. It will help you understand the wide difference between the Christian and Muslim views of Jesus.Other booklets in this popular series are: What is Islam, Islam and Truth, What is Sharia and Islam and Slavery.