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Turn the Tide

Turn the Tide

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"The publication of this booklet is both timely and much needed.  Like many Christians in the United Kingdom, I am alarmed at the gradual erosion of the religious liberties and values that we have sought to uphold in this country for centuries.  We live in a society today where there is growing intolerance among the metropolitan liberal elites towards those of us who take a faith-based approach to life.  They speak much of diversity and inclusion but promote laws that undermine the values dear to Christians and practise the exclusion of people whose religious views they find 'unacceptable'.

It is time for the Church and people of faith to speak up and speak out.  The Barnabas Fund is to be commended for taking the initiative through this booklet to speak into the public square and to equip Christians with the information they need to do likewise.  We must not retreat from public discourse on these issues, otherwise the words of Christ will ring in our ears that the salt kept in the cellar will lose its saltiness.  We should not be afraid of debate or putting across our point of view.  This booklet is a most welcome and excellent contribution to that debate.  I commend it to the reader."
Rt Hon Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP
Member of Parliament for Lagan Valley