Pakistani Christian widows need YOUR help!

2 October 2020

“I am sick, I have kidney wounds and stones and high blood pressure I cannot work very well. I do not have money for medicine. What do I buy, food or medicine? I haven’t paid school fee and bought books. I don’t know what will happen with my children.” Jamila is a Christian widow with four children. She is a housemaid and earned about £28 ($36; €31) per month, but lost her job during the lockdown. She and her children live in a single room.

Bushra said that after her husband died, she had no income and her children were too young to help her earn money in the brick-kiln where the family worked. “I gave one son to my mother because I could not bear the expenses of my family,” she said.

During the Covid lockdown in Pakistan, many of the widows’ incomes were further reduced, increasing their destitution. These widows desperately need your help.

Monthly food parcels from Barnabas Fund make all the difference.

Nasreen says “My children no longer go to bed with an empty stomach.” Seema says, “God sent you as an angel for our help.”

Jamila, reflecting on the terrible earliest days of the lockdown, added, “I was not able to feed my family. My children got worried to see me cry. I am thankful to you that you help me in food. It is a huge relief for me. May God bless you.”

Barnabas Fund, through our trusted church partners in Pakistan, is supporting 400 needy Christian widows in Pakistan by providing the food parcels for just £20 ($27; €22) per month.

The Bible tells us: “The worship that God wants is this: caring for orphans or widows who need help.” (James 1:27)

Through your donation, you can care for these widows who need help.

Please give now!

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