Barnabas Fund saddened to hear of the death of Lord Weidenfeld

United Kingdom

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Lord Weidenfeld and his family experienced persecution at the hands of the Nazis and he was helped by Quaker Christians to escape. He grew increasingly concerned about the plight of Christians in the Middle East and after consulting with Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, he helped to provide support to Barnabas Fund’s Operations Safe Havens. Just as he was helped by Christians to escape the horrors of Nazism, he wanted Jews to help Christians fleeing the terrorism of so-called Islamic State. He bravely fended off accusations of discriminating against other groups and insisted that Christians were uniquely targeted and had largely been abandoned, even by many people in the churches.

The Weidenfeld Fund provided some of the funding for last July’s evacuation of Syrian Christians to Warsaw. He continued to take an interest in the plight of Christians and we hope that the Weidenfeld Fund, for which he did so much fundraising, will continue to support persecuted Christians in the years ahead.

Lord Weidenfeld was a dear and trusted friend to the Jewish and Christian communities and was instrumental in bringing them together in recent months to support the suffering Church in the Middle East at their time of greatest need. His lasting legacies include the establishment of the Weidenfeld Fund in return for the kindness of Christians who rescued him from the Nazis in the 1930s. His support of the Barnabas Fund's Operation Safe Havens’ initiative is a testimony to his commitment to fostering friendship between Jew and Christian.” The Marquess of Reading, Patron of Barnabas Fund.