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New York: Muslim Brotherhood call for all Muslims to boycott Christian businesses

5 October 2016

Ayat Oraby, a prominent New York based Muslim Brotherhood activist, has openly called for Christians in Egypt to be subjugated to Muslims and for ALL Muslims to boycott businesses owned by Christians. At the end of September she placed a speech on her facebook page, where she has an estimated 1.5 million followers. Ms Oraby began by saying:

“As you can see the title of today’s episode is ‘Boycott the Christians economically’”.

In her talk she railed against the government of President al-Sisi in Egypt, calling him “an apostate”, which means she is designating him as someone who according to shari’a should be killed. She  claimed that the only reason that anyone in the USA supported him was because of their “subordination” to the Coptic church, which she described as “a gang” and a “mafia”, alleging that the church rules Egypt “from behind the scenes”. She then goes on to promote a further anti-Christian conspiracy theory about the Egyptian church, alleging that:

 “It’s a full-fledged mafia, which nobody knows about … They are not subject to any supervision whatsoever. That’s not all. The churches store weapons.”

She claimed that church leaders were “criminals” and at war with Islam, saying,

“Even more dangerous is the fact that the church gang is using its followers in its war against Islam. It uses them to exert pressure on the Muslims.”

She then urges ALL Muslims to economically boycott Egyptian Christians:

 “This is the reason for the call for an economic boycott by all Muslims against them. To tell you the truth, I have been postponing this call for a long time, but now I am asking for all the Muslims who are zealous for their religion to heed this call.”

Her justification for this is that Muslims should always rule Christians, i.e. Christians should be forced to accept dhimmi status:

“Look for a Muslim alternative. Don’t take money from your pocket to pay for someone who gives one-tenth of his income to the church gang so that they will establish a Coptic mini-state, stick out their tongues at the Muslims, and verbally abuse Islam. They must be made to understand that the crescent must always be on top the cross”

Her claim that there is a war between Christians and Islam is particularly disturbing. As we have previously reported the Muslim Brotherhood (motto: “Allah is our objective. The prophet is our exemplar. The Quran is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”) put out a statement in January 2015 abandoning the strategy it had pursued since 1971 of seeking to use the political process to create a theocratic Islamic state. Instead it declared a jihad against the government of President al Sisi. Muslim Brotherhood activists have repeatedly incited their followers to violence against Egyptian Christians, resulting in a spate of attacks on Egyptian Christians and churches.

That is why we have raised concerns about the presence of Muslim Brotherhood supporters in the West and recently raised particular concerns about new UK government guidance that says senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood should be considered for asylum in the UK.