Gunmen abduct 39 students from Nigerian college in Kaduna

16 March 2021

Gunmen abducted 39 students, most of whom are Christians, from the Federal College of Forestry Mechanisation in Mando, Kaduna state, Nigeria on 11 March.

The armed gang raided the college at about 9.30 p.m., shooting indiscriminately and rounding up 219 people. Of these, 180 were rescued by the army soon afterwards.

In the video, a gunman in military fatigues and holding an AK-47 automatic rifle stands behind one of the kidnapped students

Several videos have been released showing the 39 students who remain in captivity, many wearing only undergarments, being threatened, beaten and whipped.

In another video, a male student being held at gunpoint pleads with the government to intervene.

The student, whose surname was given as Emmanuel, added, “Many of us here have been injured – badly injured. Time is going ... most of us here are having health issues.”

From Barnabas Fund contacts and other sources

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