One Christian killed and four abducted in Nigeria church attack

4 May 2021

One Christian was killed and four abducted in an attack on a church in Kaduna State, Nigeria on Sunday 25 April.

Armed men attacked the Sunday morning service at Haske Baptist Church, Manini Tasha village, at around 9am local time.

The deceased was named as Zechariah Dogonyaro. Another man from the village, Shehu Haruna, was also injured by gunfire outside the church building.

In a statement the Christian Association of Nigeria called upon the government of Nigeria to do more to remedy a situation that “continues to grow worse with no appreciable resistance given the unholy terrorists who have continued to hold our dear state and nation to ransom.

“This is happening in a nation that her constitution allows freedom of religion yet this freedom is not guaranteed.

“This is a challenge to the government – indeed a government that is unable to guarantee the safety of its citizens and their properties will be best termed a failed government.”

Kaduna State lies in Nigeria’s Middle Belt. At least 249 Christians have been killed in Islamic attacks in the Middle Belt since the beginning of July 2020.

Earlier in April one Christian was killed, four others injured, and a further four abducted by bandits in an attack on a church bus, also in Kaduna State.

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) has warned of a “Christian genocide” if the government of Nigeria cannot protect Christians from Islamic terrorism.

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