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29 August 2017

Project Joseph Phase 2: Hungry Christians in Africa Desperately Need Your Help

“Amos” lost his parents as the family tried to make their way to Uganda; they were escaping the drought, famine and killing fields of South Sudan. The twelve-year-old continued through the bush alone. He came across another group of refugees making the arduous trek to the border, and they agreed to let Amos travel with them. But before long, the group walked into an ambush. As the attackers opened fire, the refugees scattered and, when the shooting ended, Amos found himself on his own again. He hid in the bush for two days, until he saw another group passing, who let him join them. By this time Amos was so weak with hunger that he could scarcely walk. Eventually two of the men took turns to carry him on their backs, swopping over every ten kilometres, until they reached Uganda.

Amos is now in Camp Rhino, one of about 90,000 hungry Christians from South Sudan that Barnabas Fund’s Project Joseph is feeding. He is being cared for by a Ugandan pastor ministering in the camp. Amos is gradually recovering from the trauma of what he endured and the many deaths he witnessed. He now goes to school and interacts with other people.

In partnership with the churches, Barnabas Fund has already provided 12 million daily meals for Christians in Uganda, South Sudan and Kenya. The cost is 14p per person per day.

Praise God, rain has fallen in some parts of East Africa, but other areas remain stubbornly dry and barren – crops cannot grow, livestock cannot survive. Some 300 new refugees arrive every day in Camp Rhino. Many of them have stories like that of Amos.

Help Barnabas Fund to keep helping the hungry.


Crisis in East Africa: Church leaders appeal for food gifts until Christmas

12 million meals so far supplied in Barnabas Fund’s food aid programme, as famine continues and refugee camps in Kenya and Uganda continue to fill

Church leaders in Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan have launched a further desperate appeal for food aid to keep refugees and churchgoers alive until Christmas, after enduring an 18-month-long period of droughts, famine and conflict.

Project Joseph, Barnabas Fund’s food aid programme in Africa, has provided 12 million meals in the region since March, thanks to the incredible generosity of Christians around the world.


Project Joseph Phase 2

A renewed appeal for aid has been launched today (8 September) by church leaders headed by the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, the Most Rev Stanley Ntagali and the Bishop of Marsabit, Kenya, the Rt Rev Qampicha. An 18-month-long drought and food crisis has afflicted various parts of Africa, including South Sudan, Uganda, and Kenya and this has been caused by a combination of drought and conflict.

The increasing flood of South Sudanese into Uganda’s refugee camps is creating a new crisis. More than 300 a day are still arriving from South Sudan into Camp Rhino where Barnabas Fund and the Church of Uganda are feeding the camp of 90,000. Numbers in the camp have been predicted to rise to 150,000 within six months.

Project Joseph aims to feed many of those refugees and is appealing for more donations deal with the rising needs in Camp Rhino.

“We are being overwhelmed with refugees from South Sudan,” says Archbishop Stanley Ntagali of Uganda.

“The situation continues to be desperate,” said Hendrik Storm, Chief Executive Officer of Barnabas Fund. “In addition to the refugee crisis in Uganda, we are seeking to continue feeding people in Marsabit and other areas of northern Kenya.

“Barnabas Fund is committed to the Christians of East Africa for the long term. We know it will take years for life to be restored to normal for families who have fled homes, or who have seen their livestock die, or who have sold everything they owned to buy food.

“And we ask for prayers for an end to conflict and drought in the region,”  he declared.