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2,000 Syrian Christian children urgently need warm winter clothes – please send a Christmas gift

20 December 2019

Barnabas Fund has received a desperate plea for help from church leaders in war-ravaged Syria.

Thousands of Christian families, some forced to flee their homes with next to nothing, are struggling to keep warm as the harsh Syrian winter begins to bite.

The most urgent need is for warm winter clothes for 2,000 Christian children

Christian children in Syria, many terribly traumatised during the war, are suffering great hardship

In the winter months, the snow comes and temperatures fall to around zero at night. Conditions can become nearly unbearable for many families, especially those living in basic accommodation, and children are particularly vulnerable.

Thousands more families in fresh wave of displacement after Turkish offensive

Please help us to send a warm, fleecy top with snug padded trousers and jacket to protect Syrian Christian children from the bitter winter cold

Within hours of the launch of the Turkish military offensive, two Christians were killed as shells rained down on the border city of Qamishli and more than 70,000 people, including thousands of Christians, fled their homes in a fresh wave of displacement from north-eastern towns.

This Christmas, our suffering Christian family needs our loving, practical help right now

It costs $10to provide a quality fleecy top with thick padded trousers and jacket for one child.

Will you send these little ones a life-saving Christmas gift?

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