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As Ukraine freezes, poor and persecuted Christians need clothes, coal and medicines. Will you help?

14 December 2018

Turmoil, hardship, persecution, sporadic violence – and now bitter winter cold as well. Today it is zero, and tomorrow will be colder, with temperatures forecast to stay below freezing day and night for at least a week. Probably for many weeks to come. This is Ukraine. The country is split, with believers suffering on both sides of the divide.

In Ukraine’s ongoing distress, Barnabas continues to stand with our Ukrainian Christian brothers and sisters in both the western and eastern parts of their nation. This winter we are sending warm clothes, medicines and coal. Working through Baptist and evangelical churches, they will be distributed to some of the neediest believers.

Vera (aged 92) could not at first believe that the coal from the church last winter was free of charge. She broke into prayer and praise as she stood by the heap of coal. Through your gifts, Barnabas Fund will help many elderly, disabled and other Christians in special need again this winter

“Thank God for your lovely hearts!!!”

In Donetsk and Lugansk, factories remain closed due to the war, and many people are without jobs. Government pensions are less than $30 a month. As winter sets in, so do all the winter illnesses, which can be very serious for people who have little to eat and live in cold homes. Churches in Russia manage to send small amounts of food and basic needs, mainly for elderly Christians, but the needs are far greater.

Your gift through Barnabas Fund will give medicines and life-saving coal to keep warm the homes of some of the neediest believers, especially widows, disabled and those with large families. “Dear brothers and sisters … Thank God for your lovely hearts!!!” wrote one church congregation who received medicine and coal from Barnabas Fund.

Suffering believers in Ukraine must choose between food and fuel in the bitter cold. But Barnabas Fund is providing life-saving coal

“When it is warm inside the church building, then life seems better.”

Some coal will also be given to heat church buildings, which then become a place of sanctuary and respite for believers and unbelievers alike.

Keeping church buildings warm enables believers to praise, pray, learn and grow in the Lord together, despite the winter cold outside

Last winter people brought pieces of cardboard to church with them to put on the chairs and the floor in an effort to keep warm in the unheated buildings. But using coal donated by Barnabas Fund, the churches were able to keep their heating going. People stayed much longer to worship and have fellowship. Outreach flourished. Church after church wrote to tell Barnabas Fund what a difference that coal made to their members and their ministry. “When it is warm inside the church building, then life seems better,” summarized one.

Help Barnabas Fund do the same again this year.

Please give now to help Ukrainian Christians keep warm, well and worshipping.

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