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Bringing Good out of Syria’s Suffering: A new Christian clinic in war-ravaged Aleppo

7 September 2018

Will you help fund a place of healing for the elderly, sick and poor who could not leave Aleppo during the terrible years of war?

Many Christians were forced to flee from Aleppo during the recent civil war in Syria, but they left behind the most vulnerable – those too frail or impoverished to travel. Medical care in the city collapsed during the war years. In this desperate situation, Barnabas Fund stepped in and St Luke’s Medical Centre was created. We praise God for its 30 dedicated Christian doctors and for all who have been treated there.

Now a new medical centre is needed, to serve the weakest and neediest in another part of Aleppo.

St Luke’s Medical Centre brings not only healing but also peace and comfort to many of the most vulnerable in Aleppo

“In this place we can find the confidence which was lost during all the years of war.” Patients at the first St Luke’s Medical Centre are amazed at the atmosphere, where the cheerful love of the Christian staff brings healing to sore and aching spirits as well as to their bodies. Will you help set up a second clinic, to spread the blessing further across this wounded city?

Born in a siege, birthed in a war

During the most terrible years of Syria’s civil war, the ancient city of Aleppo was bombed largely to destruction and her people virtually starved by sieges and blockades. There were desperate shortages of food, water, electricity and medicines. Doctors and hospitals were a main target of the rebel attacks. Many doctors were killed, others fled the beleaguered city.

But out of this suffering came the Christian clinic, St Luke’s, which has brought hope, healing and love to thousands of sick. Started by a Syrian Christian doctor in one room of a Baptist church, it grew until now it treats over 1500 people a month.

“The smile that we find every day on the faces of the staff and the general atmosphere of this centre we couldn’t find in any other clinic or centre,” said one patient recently, “This is a great place where we can find our peace and comfort.”

Still desperate for medical care

Now the war is all but over, and life is returning to Aleppo. But there is still a severe shortage of medical care.

Christian doctors and other staff at St Luke’s. A second clinic is to open soon – will you help?

So the Baptist church is setting up another clinic, in a different part of the city. In this area there are five Christian neighbourhoods and one Muslim neighbourhood. But there is no clinic of any kind. Barnabas Fund has agreed to cover the costs of purchasing, renovating, furnishing and equipping a building. It is hoped the clinic will be ready to open in late November, Lord willing, to provide both medical and dental services.

Still recovering from the trauma and chaos of the conflict, and mostly without jobs, the patients will be charged only a minimal sum for any kind of treatment, tests or medication.

Will you partner with Barnabas Fund, through your gifts and prayers, as we help our Syrian brothers and sisters extend their healing mission? The needs are:

  • Purchase of building with its small garden $110,000.
  • Renovation $29,000
  • Furnishing and equipping $23,000

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